[FIP]: World Pharmacists Day September 25 2013

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September 2013

Happy World Pharmacists Day to all our colleagues around the globe!

 This year’s theme for World Pharmacists Day is:Pharmacists – simplifying your medicines use, no matter how complex.The understanding and treatment of human diseases is complicated and challenging because patients themselves are complex.  This complexity derives from many factors – including but not limited to those of biological, medical, behavioral and social natures.  The more straightforward and simple a medication regimen is to follow, the more likely a patient will remain compliant and adherent to their therapy.  Pharmacists are in a prime position to help patients take their medications in a timely and appropriate manner to ensure that they receive the full benefit of therapy.  Cancer or transplant patients, for instance, have time-sensitive medication regimens.  A pharmacist can help prevent delays or non-adherence to their therapy that would otherwise significantly impact their treatment course and overall health.As pharmacists, what are we doing to address and meet the needs of complex patients?  Devising strategies to treat complex patients and tailoring pharmacy education to optimize patient care must be part of future initiatives in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences all across the globe.  We implore all of you to share your thoughts, visions and solutions to simplifying medicines use for your patients, no matter how complex.
Happy World Pharmacists Day!
FIP Team


How is the world celebrating?

UK – This week, to coincide with World Pharmacists Day (25 September), a special edition of The Pharmaceutical Journal was published, containing highlights from the 73rd World Pharmacy Congress.Additionally, The Pharmaceutical Journal, the official journal of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society isoffering to all FIP members a special giveaway to celebrate World Pharmacists day: one week of free access to the PJ Mobile app. To download the app, please go to Google Play or Apple store, and search for Pharmaceutical Journal. Username: fipmember
Password: 2013CongressAccess will be open until October 10, 2013.To mark this year’s World Pharmacists Day, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is launching the second stage of itsMedicines Optimisation campaign.The RPS has now published the first of five briefings on medicines optimisation which are specific to each area of pharmacy and detail how they can support medicines optimisation and make it part of routine practice. Medicines Optimisation, What does it mean for me: Community Pharmacy will be followed over the coming weeks by briefings for hospital, academic, industry, and primary care pharmacists. Full story here.
                                                 •India – For the first time in India, all the pharmacists and pharmacy associations in the country will celebrate a Day for themselves on September 25 like those of Nurses Day and Doctors day, according to various state associations of IPA and state pharmacy councils.From this year onwards, the Day will be observed every year as the Pharmacists Day. The decision to observe September 25 as Pharmacist Day was taken by the combined meeting of the presidents and the registrars of state pharmacy councils across the country held in New Delhi on April 15, and was approved by the general council of the PCI in its Ootty meeting on August 20, this year.  Full note here.
                                                 •Portugal – In Portugal, various activities will be held to celebrate the World Pharmacists Day, including the local symposia on diverse topics.To access the programme, click here (in Portugese).
 – To mark the celebration of the World Pharmacists Day, the General Pharmacy Council of Spain has produced a commemorative poster, a simple “did you know …” document and video.In addition, a press release will be sent to the media and a statistical report on collegiate and Community Pharmacies 2012.Find them all here (in Spanish).
                                                 •Ghana – The Ghana Chamber of Pharmacy (GCP) has congratulated pharmacists for their positive effect on health care delivery in Ghana on the occasion of World Pharmacists Day. A statement signed by the Head of Research and Advocacy of GCP, Mr Stanley Adjei and copied to the Ghana News Agency on Tuesday said the #worldpharmacistsday would be marked on September 25, on the theme: “Pharmacists simplifying your medicine use, no matter how complex.”“Today there is much to celebrate about the improved health status of many Ghanaians… Infant mortality has declined and there have been major advancements in treatment for serious diseases that once devastated the lives of thousands.” Full notehere.                                                 •To see what else is happening on World Pharmacists Day 2013, we would like to invite you to visit our Social Media platforms:Facebook and Twitter, where colleagues from all over the world are using the hashtag #worldpharmacistday to share their unique experiences on this special day and to show pride for our profession!


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PSA welcomes appointment of Ministers

Sep 16 ,2013

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The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has welcomed the appointment of Hon Peter Dutton as Minister for Health and Senator Fiona Nash as Assistant Minister for Health.

National President of PSA, Grant Kardachi, said the appointments reflected the Coalition Government’s commitment to the health sector and would be welcomed by pharmacists across the country.

“The PSA has worked with Mr Dutton when he was Opposition Health Spokesman and it is clear he is committed to the portfolio and brings to it a wealth of experience as well as a range of ideas and initiatives,” Mr Kardachi said.

“These, combined with the vital services that pharmacists play in dispensing and supplying essential medicines – as  well as the extended professional services – for the community, particularly consumers with chronic diseases, can lead to a better and more effective health system.

“Optimising the management of long-term conditions through quality use of medicines has been shown to reduce or delay the incidence of hospitalisation in patients with chronic diseases and to reduce the need for and spending on expensive hospital admissions and medical services.

“Mr Dutton has always displayed great interest in the wide range of skills pharmacists possess and how these skills can be better utilised in providing improved health outcomes for the community while also helping to ensure we have a viable and sustainable health system in this country.

“Mr Dutton of course faces pragmatic considerations in the form of budgetary constraints but the PSA looks forward to working closely with him to show how the more effective use of pharmacists’ skills and knowledge can help meet the reform agenda.”

Mr Kardachi said the appointment of Senator Nash as Assistant Minister for Health brought a rural and regional perspective  to the critical area of health.

PSA had presented submissions on many mays in which pharmacists can greatly assist in the management and treatment of patients with chronic conditions.

“We look forward to further discussing these with Mr Dutton and Senator Nash,” Mr Kardachi said.

“We have also developed policies and strategies to help improve the health outcomes of the rapidly growing ageing population, people with mental health conditions and those suffering from many other health conditions.

“PSA’s policies and strategies can greatly assist the Government meet its targets while also improving the wellbeing of the older members of our community.”

Mr Kardachi said PSA would seek early meetings with both Ministers to discuss ways to fully utilise the skills of pharmacists across the health sector.

MEDIA CONTACT:  Peter Waterman  0487 922 176

Inaugural Tasmanian PSA Pharmacist of the Year announced

Sep 18 , 2013

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Rachel Dienaar has been announced as the inaugural PSA Tasmanian Pharmacist of the Year 2013 for her outstanding contribution to the pharmacy profession.

Rachel’s professional activities are wide and varied, incorporating community pharmacy, research, delivery of professional development and facilitating the implementation of professional services. 

In her roles assisting pharmacies to facilitate change in their practice, in the delivery of professional development, in the mentoring of interns, and in her involvement with university undergraduates, she demonstrates a love for the profession that is infectious.

On top of her ongoing excellence in professional pharmacy activities, in 2013 Rachel made one very specific contribution to the Tasmanian community when she was the pharmacist on duty at Tasman Pharmacy on January 4, 2013, when the bushfires took hold and began their rapid advance down the Forestier and Tasman Peninsulas.

Within hours of the day beginning, the pharmacy lost all electricity, and the only road to the region was cut.  Rachel quickly communicated with the GPs to determine what she could deal with autonomously and what would require further GP contact. She put in place structures to ensure that people with immediate care issues were given priority, and started systematic paper-based recording of sales and dispensing.  She was the epitome of calm in the middle of the crisis that was going on all around the Peninsula. 

According to Tasmanian President Dr Shane Jackson, “Rachel managed all requests from consumers with a composed professionalism that most other pharmacists can only aspire to, but could certainly learn from.”

“Waiting times for scripts were over an hour long, yet no one complained and everyone I spoke with on the day was thoroughly impressed with the care and attention that Rachel gave to them” according to Tasmanian Vice President, Dr Ella Van Tienen, who was one of over 5,000 holiday makers visiting the region and also found herself stranded.

Rachel’s activities during the January fires, coupled with her ongoing, passionate contributions to the pharmacy profession, make her very deserving to be named Tasmanian Pharmacist of the Year 2013 at the Tasmanian Clinical Weekend on Saturday.

MEDIA CONTACT:  Peter Waterman  0487 922 176

Drugs in sport and the pharmacist’s role

Sep 16 , 2013

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Athletes are prohibited from using a selected range of methods and drugs (substances and medicines) in – and out of – competition.

The prohibited substances (and practices) are detailed by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) and implemented in Australia by the Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority (ASADA).

While there is a media focus on “testing positive” athletes can be sanctioned on eight anti-doping rule violations (ADRVs) that incur a penalty.

Pharmacists have a key role in supporting athletes in maintaining their health, aiding recovery and providing essential information about the quality use of medicines in the context of their engagement with sport.

At PAC 13, Sydney University’s Andrew McLachlan will present on the subject of Drugs in Sport, highlighting that pharmacists should also know that athletes who are required to use medicines for selected medical conditions are able to obtain a therapeutic use exemption under certain circumstances.

The presentation will also examine how medicines literacy is a critical aspect for athletes including an understanding of the nature, safety, quality and status of supplements and substances purchased from a variety of sources.

Professor McLachlan   is a pharmacist, academic, teacher and researcher with experience in clinical and experimental pharmacology and research into the quality use of medicines.

He is Professor of Pharmacy (Aged Care) in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Sydney based at Concord Hospital. His research focuses on understanding the causes and consequences of variability in response to medicines and how this informs the quality use of medicines.

The theme for PAC13 is ONE profession, ONE focus, ONE voice which will focus on unity in the profession, in the delivery of services and in the goal of better health outcomes.

These are the keys to the profession growing in the future and remaining viable and sustainable while continuing to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

PAC13 will be held at the Brisbane Convention Centre from 10-13 October 2013. To register, go to psa.org.au/pac

PAC13 highlights opportunities through advanced practice



The benefits to pharmacists of pushing practice forward through maximising advanced practice opportunities will be canvassed by leading academic pharmacist, Professor Lisa Nissen, at PAC13 in Brisbane next month.

Professor Nissen will examine what career and practice opportunities may arise from advanced practice and what this may mean for pharmacists as they face the challenges and opportunities of the future.

Professor Nissen is well placed to address this topic and provide guidance for pharmacists seeking to boost their career and practices.

She is Head of the School of Clinical Sciences at Queensland University of Technology and has 20 years’ experience, having worked in hospital and community pharmacy in both rural and metropolitan areas.

Her research focuses on the Quality Use of Medicines in the wider community and the expansion of roles for pharmacists, including development of pharmacy practice into other cognitive service delivery areas such as sleep, pain management and pharmacist prescribing.

Professor Nissen’s specific clinical interest is in the management of chronic pain and she is highly regarded as an experienced pharmacy practitioner, researcher and educator.

She is a strong believer in the benefits of multidisciplinary healthcare teams in the care of patients in the community and this passion for multidisciplinary care is carried into the classroom with a commitment to the development and implementation of innovative multi-professional education for health students. In recognition of her teaching contributions she was awarded an ALTC Award for Teaching Excellence in 2008.

Professor Nissen is a well-respected and high-profile member of the Australian pharmacy community representing the pharmacy profession across many areas of the health sector. As an acknowledgement of this role she was named the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Young Pharmacist of the Year in 2002 and Pharmacist of the Year in 2008.

The theme for PAC13 is ONE profession, ONE focus, ONE voice which will focus on unity in the profession, in the delivery of services and in the goal of better health outcomes.

These are the keys to the profession growing in the future and remaining viable and sustainable while continuing to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

PAC13 will be held at the Brisbane Convention Centre from 10-13 October 2013. To    register, go to psa.org.au/pac


PAC13 focus on Early Career Pharmacists

Sep 13 ,2013

Reference :


Early career pharmacists will get a unique opportunity to hear one of Australia’s leading motivational speakers, Ben Angel, join leading pharmacy figure Rhonda   White to address them on the topic of You and Your Career at PAC 13 in Brisbane this year.

The session will be one of a series of presentations providing practical skills’ development for early career pharmacists. These sessions will provide essential advice about how early career pharmacists can stand out amongst the crowd and grow their professional and business careers.

Mr Angel, known as the ‘Agent of Influence’, is renowned for revealing step-by-step strategies for becoming more influential in your career.

He has a unique style of marketing, profile building, personal branding and self mastery based on proven techniques.

Mr Angel says these techniques can be applied in every area of a person’s life to transform their profits, themselves and their teams into peak performers.

As a professional speaker and personal branding specialist he has delivered presentations for Toyota, Australia Post, Australian Institute of Company Directors, Rebel Sport, Origin Energy and Action International.

Rhonda White is a co-founder of the Terry White Chemists Group and has been integral to the success of the brand.

Her visionary skills in developing the systems and disciplines for the brand, commitment to the development of professional services combined with exceptional business skills have proven a critical ingredient in growing the franchise network to its current position of more than 160 pharmacies in all states, employing some 4500 staff with a turnover of $1 billion.

The theme for PAC13 is ONE profession, ONE focus, ONE voice which will focus on unity in the profession, in the delivery of services and in the goal of better health outcomes.

These are the keys to the profession growing in the future and remaining viable and sustainable while continuing to improve the health and wellbeing of the

PAC13 will be held at the Brisbane Convention Centre from 10-13 October 2013. To    register, go to psa.org.au/pac

MEDIA CONTACT:                            Peter Waterman         0487 922 176



Pharmacy Student of the Year competition a PAC13 highlight

Sep 20 ,2013

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One of the highlights of PAC is the annual Pharmacy Student of the Year competition finals, an event which sees the best student pharmacists from each state and territory vie for the national title.

This year the finals will be held on Friday with the winners – the judges’ choice and the people’s choice – announced during the Gala Dinner on Saturday night.

National President of PSA, Grant Kardachi, said that the Pharmacy Student of the Year Awards, which were initially launched at PAC in 2004, were a highlight of the Congress.

“The Pharmacy Student of the Year award showcases the skills and abilities of some of our outstanding pharmacy students to the pharmacy profession while also giving students a chance to apply that knowledge in a practical sense and be on judged on it,” Mr Kardachi said.

“The Pharmacy Student of the Year award event is a great learning experience for the participants, the profession and the audience as well.”

This year’s finalists are:

 Connie Arronis, from the University of Sydney who is the NAPSA wildcard

 Callan Beesley of the University of New England

 Narelle Smith form the University of South Australia

 Tessa Lane from the University of Canberra

 Rachael Starkey from  Queensland University of Technology

 Sean Pulham from Curtin University

 Rebecca Boschert from La Trobe University

 Dana McLennan from the University of Tasmania

This year’s competition is being jointly sponsored by Alphapharm and API.


Pharmacist Annual Retention 2014

Sep ,02 2013
Reference :



If you intend to apply on your own the Pharmacist Annual Retention, please ensure you follow the steps below:-
MPS offer to assist pharmacist to apply for their Pharmacist Annual Retention. Please send to MPS the following:
1.     Fill in the Borang 10 from www.mps.org.my or www.pharmacy.gov.my
1 Borang 10 duly completed
2.     Print out your Statement of CPD Participation 2012 & 2013 using your login name and password at www.mps.org.my/CPDonLine
2 Your statement of CPD Participation
2a. Your full name and address in the box at the bottom of this letter
3.     Purchase RM 50/- worth of Money Order, Postal order or bank draft made payable to Ketua Setiausaha Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
MPS will carry out steps 3 – 7
4.     Self-address envelope half A4 size
5.     Postage Stamp RM 1/- to be affixed to the self-addressed envelope
6.     Registered Pos Barcode Label RM 2.20 (to be provided and not to be stick on the envelope)
7.     Submit all the above (1-6) to the Pharmacy Board in Petaling Jaya either by post or personally
Note: MPS only serves to carry out the logistics of gathering all the paraphernalia (1-7) and forwarding them to the Pharmacy Board.  It is the individual pharmacists who shall be responsible to fill in accurately Borang 10 & send MPS your Statement of CPD Participation Year 2012/2013.  Final approval and sending out the certificate is done by Pharmacy Board.
Mode of Payment
A) r Cheque No ____________for RM _________Payment payable to “Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society”.
B) r By direct bank transfer for RM __________ via MAYBANK ATM / Cash Deposit Machine / TT into MPS‘s account. Account Name: Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society; Account Number: 5-62348-55779-1; Swift code: MBBEMYKL; Bank Name: Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank) and Bank Address: 7, Jalan Kenari 1, Bandar Puchong Jaya, Jalan Puchong, 47160 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia. You must send the bank receipt to MPS to confirm your payment.
C) Credit Cards: r VISA   r Master Card   r AMEX   For the sum of RM _______________
Card number: _______________________________________________
Valid till: _________        Name­ on card: _________________________
Date: ____________                   Signature: _____________________
Amount Payable
1. For MPS members: RM 60/- (RM 50/- for your retention fees, RM 10/- for the envelope, postage stamps, registered pos barcode label and bank charges)
2. For Non-MPS members (or lapsed members i.e. those who have not paid their 2013 subscription)
RM 70/- (RM 50/- for your retention fees, RM 20/- for envelope, postage stamps, registered pos barcode label, bank charges and administrative charges).
3. Lapsed Annual Retention: You will have to renew the 2013 Annual Retention first before you can renew your 2014 Annual Retention. The amount for this lapse retention (Year 2013) is RM 170/- (RM 150/- for your lapsed retention fees, and RM 20/- for MPS bank, postage, stationery and fax charges). 
NOTE- This is a service to Members (and Non-Members) of MPS. You can still submit your Annual Retention form direct to the Lembaga Farmasi by yourself.

Peddling fake drugs online

Aug 15 , 2013

Reference :


Counterfeit medicines, estimated to account for 3-6% of the RM4.5 bil Malaysian medicine market, used to be peddled at the pasar malam or roadside stalls. However, unscrupulous purveyors of fake pharmaceuticals have now widened their distribution channel to the Internet, taking advantage of Malaysians’ penchant for online shopping.Since Malaysia started working with Interpol on Operation Pangea in 2012, the Ministry of Health’s Pharmaceutical Services Division (PSD) has identified more than 200 websites (including Malaysian-based ones) selling illegal medicines. Operation Pangea is an annual, Interpol-coordinated, one-week operation to combat the sale of illegal medicines online.In the same period, over 2,000 parcels of medicines suspected to contain illegal substances were confiscated by the ministry.The trend of selling fake medicine online can be deduced from the fact that counterfeit medicines seized by the division’s pharmacy enforcement officers have declined in recent years. – See more at: http://www.mps.org.my/newsmaster.cfm?&menuid=36&action=view&retrieveid=3795#sthash.MBoALwYQ.dpuf


Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan International Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP) Training Programme 2013 Travel Grant Scholarships

Sep 15 ,2013

Reference :


Programme at A Glance (suggest 10/07~10/11 or 12)

The workshop uses lectures and participants presentations/interactions to explore concepts, issues and solutions about Good Pharmacy Practice. The 16 hour course consists of 8 topics focused on hospital pharmacy. Every topic has 100 minutes and separated into two parts. In the first parts, the respective lecturers will spend 40-60 minutes to introduce the current status and development of Taiwan by the topics. In the second parts, all the participants are required to prepare 3-5 minutes introduction of the current status of the topic about his/her own country or give feedbacks.

Day 1 (November 9th)




Overview of GPP and current regional   status


Ambulatory patient care


Inpatient care


Noncytotoxic and cytotoxic aseptic   preparation

Day 2 (November 10th)




Drug Procurement and inventory management


Clinical pharmacy services and patient   education


Drug information and nationwide reporting   systems


Continuing professional development


Programme venue and trainee accommodation will be united and arranged by the Secretariat.

Awardees Responsibility

After the programme, awardees are requested to submit a report (at least 1000 words to the Secretariat = Action Plan).  When we receive it, we will mail you the Certificate of Participation of joining in this programme and being awarded as our scholarships winners.  Content will be screened and evaluated for the next year scholarships offered number setting from its own country.  Also, response to future international collaboration is highly recommended (including the immediate after-programme draft action plan), and we shall seriously consider of possible outreach in our trainee’s workplace or country to provide the supporting adds.

Contact Us

Secretariat of Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan

Michael Wei-chih LIU, Secretary

Phone: +886-2-23278623

Fax: +886-2-23967261

E-mail: scholarships.pst.gpp@gmail.com

Address: 8F, No. 74, Section 2, Sinyi Road, Daan District, Taiper City 10641Taiwan

Application Form

Personal Information

First Name

Last Name


Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy)

Passport Number

Country of Birth

City of Birth


Mailling (Contact) address

Street address

Area code



Permanent address

Street address

Area code



Email address

Cell-Phone number

Medical and Emergency Contact Information

Food preference*

Allergy History

Medical History

Emergency Contact Person


Emergency Contact Phone Number

Personal Capacity

Do you need visa? (PST will assign an   special invitation letter for your to apply visa to Taiwan)


(Visa fee is not included in this travel   grant scholarship)

English Language Proficiency (1~10)



Professional Organization


Academic history

Currently Attending



(at   least 500 words in readable English)

Your   statement below should at least contain:

1.   How do you learn of this programme & scholarships?

2.   What’s your relationship with your recommend-er(/organization)?

3.   Why you apply?

Your   Understanding About Good Pharmacy Practice

(at   least 500 words in readable English)

Your   statement below should at least contain:

1.   Please read through the FIP/WHO Good Pharmacy Practice Guidelines first.   (Download: http://www.fip.org/www/uploads/database_file.php?id=331&table_id=)

2.   What do you know about Good Pharmacy Practice?

3.   What do you think of implement Good Pharmacy Practice in your workplace/country?

4.   What Good Pharmacy Practice you need in your workplace/country?

Introduction   of Good Pharmacy Practice in Your Country

(at   least 500 words in readable English)

Your   statement below should at least contain:

1.   Do you apply Good Pharmacy Practice in your workplace/country?

2.   Is there any kind of regulations/rules/laws related to Good Pharmacy Practice   in your workplace/country? Please state!

3.   Do your workplace/country implement any other quality improvement policy/or   project, other than Good Pharmacy Practice? Please at least state the name of   policy/project, and the unit/person in charge of it!

Introduce   Your Workplace, Your Job and Your Role in it

(at   least 500 words in readable English)

Your   statement below should at least contain:

1.   Introduction of your workplace.

– Structure

– Personnel

– Obligation/Responsibility

2.   Introduction of your job/position in the workplace.

3.   Your future career planning.

4.   Viewpoint to the medical environment of your society.

Your   Opinion and Goal to this Program

(at   least 500 words in readable English)

Your   statement below should at least contain:

  1. What do you expect from this   training programme?
  2. Besides the programme (“Programme   at A Glance”), what else do you want to see in Taiwan? Please kindly stated,   and we will try the best to arrange to fit in your needs.

2.   What do you want to achieve after this programme?

Your   Action Plan after this Program, including the Resources and Supports You   might Need from Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan & FAPA Foundation

(at   least 500 words in readable English)

Pharmaceutical   Society of Taiwan & FAPA Foundation is investigating in international   collaboration for pharmaceutical services.    We need you contribution on the possible outreach in your   workplace/country.

Your   statement below should at least contain:

1. What   are you planning to do after the inspiration from this training programme?

2.   What support would you need?

3.   Please right down you draft action plan (if has)


  1. 1) Participants   are encouraged to fill this part during or before the end of the   programme.  It may left blank when   applying, but it’s more than appreciated to receive during the programme, or   in the report to be sent after the programme.

2). We shall mail you the Certificate of   Participation after we receive your Action Plan!


Your   Name

Your   relationship with the application

Your   contact phone

Your   contact Fax

Your   contact Email

Your   contact address




Dear Review Committee,


Title (Position)



(Signature   is required) 

Check   List

Application Form


– Motivation

– Your Understanding About Good Pharmacy Practice*

– Introduction of Good Pharmacy Practice in Your   Country*

– Introduce Your Workplace, Job and Role in it*

– Your Opinion and Goal to this Programme*

– Your Action Plan after this Programme, including   the Resources and Supports You might Need from Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan#



#in the after report 


After   the programme, awardees are requested to submit a report (at least 1000 words   to the Secretariat).  Content will be   screened and evaluated for the next year scholarships offered number setting   from its own country.  Also, response   to future international collaboration is highly recommended (including the   immediate afer-programme draft action plan), and we shall seriously consider   of possible outreach in our trainee’s workplace or country to provide the   supporting adds.

□  I understand the responsibilities, and I will do   my best to complete this responsibilities.


□  I declare that the information I have submitted in   this application is true.


(Signature   is required)