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September 2013

Happy World Pharmacists Day to all our colleagues around the globe!

 This year’s theme for World Pharmacists Day is:Pharmacists – simplifying your medicines use, no matter how complex.The understanding and treatment of human diseases is complicated and challenging because patients themselves are complex.  This complexity derives from many factors – including but not limited to those of biological, medical, behavioral and social natures.  The more straightforward and simple a medication regimen is to follow, the more likely a patient will remain compliant and adherent to their therapy.  Pharmacists are in a prime position to help patients take their medications in a timely and appropriate manner to ensure that they receive the full benefit of therapy.  Cancer or transplant patients, for instance, have time-sensitive medication regimens.  A pharmacist can help prevent delays or non-adherence to their therapy that would otherwise significantly impact their treatment course and overall health.As pharmacists, what are we doing to address and meet the needs of complex patients?  Devising strategies to treat complex patients and tailoring pharmacy education to optimize patient care must be part of future initiatives in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences all across the globe.  We implore all of you to share your thoughts, visions and solutions to simplifying medicines use for your patients, no matter how complex.
Happy World Pharmacists Day!
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How is the world celebrating?

UK – This week, to coincide with World Pharmacists Day (25 September), a special edition of The Pharmaceutical Journal was published, containing highlights from the 73rd World Pharmacy Congress.Additionally, The Pharmaceutical Journal, the official journal of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society isoffering to all FIP members a special giveaway to celebrate World Pharmacists day: one week of free access to the PJ Mobile app. To download the app, please go to Google Play or Apple store, and search for Pharmaceutical Journal. Username: fipmember
Password: 2013CongressAccess will be open until October 10, 2013.To mark this year’s World Pharmacists Day, the Royal Pharmaceutical Society is launching the second stage of itsMedicines Optimisation campaign.The RPS has now published the first of five briefings on medicines optimisation which are specific to each area of pharmacy and detail how they can support medicines optimisation and make it part of routine practice. Medicines Optimisation, What does it mean for me: Community Pharmacy will be followed over the coming weeks by briefings for hospital, academic, industry, and primary care pharmacists. Full story here.
                                                 •India – For the first time in India, all the pharmacists and pharmacy associations in the country will celebrate a Day for themselves on September 25 like those of Nurses Day and Doctors day, according to various state associations of IPA and state pharmacy councils.From this year onwards, the Day will be observed every year as the Pharmacists Day. The decision to observe September 25 as Pharmacist Day was taken by the combined meeting of the presidents and the registrars of state pharmacy councils across the country held in New Delhi on April 15, and was approved by the general council of the PCI in its Ootty meeting on August 20, this year.  Full note here.
                                                 •Portugal – In Portugal, various activities will be held to celebrate the World Pharmacists Day, including the local symposia on diverse topics.To access the programme, click here (in Portugese).
 – To mark the celebration of the World Pharmacists Day, the General Pharmacy Council of Spain has produced a commemorative poster, a simple “did you know …” document and video.In addition, a press release will be sent to the media and a statistical report on collegiate and Community Pharmacies 2012.Find them all here (in Spanish).
                                                 •Ghana – The Ghana Chamber of Pharmacy (GCP) has congratulated pharmacists for their positive effect on health care delivery in Ghana on the occasion of World Pharmacists Day. A statement signed by the Head of Research and Advocacy of GCP, Mr Stanley Adjei and copied to the Ghana News Agency on Tuesday said the #worldpharmacistsday would be marked on September 25, on the theme: “Pharmacists simplifying your medicine use, no matter how complex.”“Today there is much to celebrate about the improved health status of many Ghanaians… Infant mortality has declined and there have been major advancements in treatment for serious diseases that once devastated the lives of thousands.” Full notehere.                                                 •To see what else is happening on World Pharmacists Day 2013, we would like to invite you to visit our Social Media platforms:Facebook and Twitter, where colleagues from all over the world are using the hashtag #worldpharmacistday to share their unique experiences on this special day and to show pride for our profession!


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