PSA welcomes appointment of Ministers

Sep 16 ,2013

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The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has welcomed the appointment of Hon Peter Dutton as Minister for Health and Senator Fiona Nash as Assistant Minister for Health.

National President of PSA, Grant Kardachi, said the appointments reflected the Coalition Government’s commitment to the health sector and would be welcomed by pharmacists across the country.

“The PSA has worked with Mr Dutton when he was Opposition Health Spokesman and it is clear he is committed to the portfolio and brings to it a wealth of experience as well as a range of ideas and initiatives,” Mr Kardachi said.

“These, combined with the vital services that pharmacists play in dispensing and supplying essential medicines – as  well as the extended professional services – for the community, particularly consumers with chronic diseases, can lead to a better and more effective health system.

“Optimising the management of long-term conditions through quality use of medicines has been shown to reduce or delay the incidence of hospitalisation in patients with chronic diseases and to reduce the need for and spending on expensive hospital admissions and medical services.

“Mr Dutton has always displayed great interest in the wide range of skills pharmacists possess and how these skills can be better utilised in providing improved health outcomes for the community while also helping to ensure we have a viable and sustainable health system in this country.

“Mr Dutton of course faces pragmatic considerations in the form of budgetary constraints but the PSA looks forward to working closely with him to show how the more effective use of pharmacists’ skills and knowledge can help meet the reform agenda.”

Mr Kardachi said the appointment of Senator Nash as Assistant Minister for Health brought a rural and regional perspective  to the critical area of health.

PSA had presented submissions on many mays in which pharmacists can greatly assist in the management and treatment of patients with chronic conditions.

“We look forward to further discussing these with Mr Dutton and Senator Nash,” Mr Kardachi said.

“We have also developed policies and strategies to help improve the health outcomes of the rapidly growing ageing population, people with mental health conditions and those suffering from many other health conditions.

“PSA’s policies and strategies can greatly assist the Government meet its targets while also improving the wellbeing of the older members of our community.”

Mr Kardachi said PSA would seek early meetings with both Ministers to discuss ways to fully utilise the skills of pharmacists across the health sector.

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