Inaugural Tasmanian PSA Pharmacist of the Year announced

Sep 18 , 2013

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Rachel Dienaar has been announced as the inaugural PSA Tasmanian Pharmacist of the Year 2013 for her outstanding contribution to the pharmacy profession.

Rachel’s professional activities are wide and varied, incorporating community pharmacy, research, delivery of professional development and facilitating the implementation of professional services. 

In her roles assisting pharmacies to facilitate change in their practice, in the delivery of professional development, in the mentoring of interns, and in her involvement with university undergraduates, she demonstrates a love for the profession that is infectious.

On top of her ongoing excellence in professional pharmacy activities, in 2013 Rachel made one very specific contribution to the Tasmanian community when she was the pharmacist on duty at Tasman Pharmacy on January 4, 2013, when the bushfires took hold and began their rapid advance down the Forestier and Tasman Peninsulas.

Within hours of the day beginning, the pharmacy lost all electricity, and the only road to the region was cut.  Rachel quickly communicated with the GPs to determine what she could deal with autonomously and what would require further GP contact. She put in place structures to ensure that people with immediate care issues were given priority, and started systematic paper-based recording of sales and dispensing.  She was the epitome of calm in the middle of the crisis that was going on all around the Peninsula. 

According to Tasmanian President Dr Shane Jackson, “Rachel managed all requests from consumers with a composed professionalism that most other pharmacists can only aspire to, but could certainly learn from.”

“Waiting times for scripts were over an hour long, yet no one complained and everyone I spoke with on the day was thoroughly impressed with the care and attention that Rachel gave to them” according to Tasmanian Vice President, Dr Ella Van Tienen, who was one of over 5,000 holiday makers visiting the region and also found herself stranded.

Rachel’s activities during the January fires, coupled with her ongoing, passionate contributions to the pharmacy profession, make her very deserving to be named Tasmanian Pharmacist of the Year 2013 at the Tasmanian Clinical Weekend on Saturday.

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