[13th ACCP]: Report on 13th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy

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The 13th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy

Haiphong City Convention Center, Vietnam

13-15 September 2013

The Clinical Pharmacist and Patient Care:

Opportunities and Challenges


As the major event in Asian Pharmacy circles, Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) has been held continuously since 1997. Departments of clinical pharmacy have gradually been set up in hospitals around Asian countries. The concept of “patient-centered care” has been widely accepted by hospital members and great progress has been made. Levels of practice, education and research on clinical pharmacy have also been greatly improved.

Starting in America in 1997 under the sponsorship of the McWhorter School of Pharmacy, Stamford University, the American College of Clinical Pharmacy (ACCP) and the Korean College of Clinical Pharmacy, the first ACCP attracted only 36 representatives from the China, Korea, Japan and the US. With increasing number of participants from Asian countries attending ACCP, as well as the rapid developement of clinical pharmacy in Asia, every country was enthusiastic in attending and holding the conference.  The decision has also been made among the representatives of the member countries to hold the conference annually instead of biannually starting the 5th conference in the year 2005. 

Every conference brings together myriad of experiences from both the East and the West which did not only guide the direction of development in this field, but also inspired practitioners to think and explore how clinical pharmacy could be implemented. Every year, hundreds of Vietnamese pharmacists participated in this great forum for learning and sharing experiences and networking with colleagues in Asia and other countries.


                       ACCP 2013 in Haiphong Vietnam

The 12th ACCP was held successfully in Hong Kong in July 6-9, 2012.Because the Department Chair for Pharmacy of Haiphong Medical University was invited to participate in Indonesia’s ACCP-2008 Board meeting as representative for Vietnam at ACCP, so in this time,Vietnam was approved to be the next destination for ACCP. The Pharmacy Dean of Haiphong Medical University, Dr Nguyen Van Hung, was chosen to be the chair person for ACCP 2013.

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ACCP Board Members (in the first line). Haiphong September 13-15, 2013


For its 13th Conference, Haiphong Medical University has received great support from Vietnamese Ministry of Health and the cooperation of Vietnamese Pharmaceutical Association. This ACCP focused its effort on opportunities and challenges in the clinical practice setting. The conference is also a suitable venue for pharmacists and educators in Asia to share best practices and advances in patient-oriented care while building linkages and friendship.

The 13th Asian Conference on Clinical Pharmacy was held successfully at Haiphong City Convention Center, September 13-15, 2013 with more than 1000 participants from 24 countries and regions in Asia, US, Canada, Australia and France. The biggest group comes from Vietnam with around 500 pharmacists working at central and provincial hospitals, health management and pharmacy schools in the country.

Four pre-conference training workshops have been conducted on September 12 on Optimum Health Outcomes through Medication Safety, Advanced competency for pharmacist; Updates in the Management of Cancer, and Being a Clinical Pharmacist: Applying Knowledge and Skills to Team-Based Patient Care. In particular, the training course on ‘Being a Clinical Pharmacist: Applying Knowledge and Skills to Team-Based Patient Care” was facilitated by the American College of Clinical Pharmacy, providing valuable knowledge and skills for Asian colleagues to start clinical pharmacy practice in their countries.

      More than 1000 participants from 24 countries in Asia, the US, Canada, Australia, France attended the Conference with 269 scientific reports covering most of topics on clinical pharmacy education and practice.

      The 13th ACCP was very honoured to have two keynotes speakers, professor Barry L.Carter from the University of Iowa and Dr Micheal Maddux, Executive  Director of the American College of Clinical Pharmacy on the important roles of pharmacists working with the team in patient care.    

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Difference topics on clinical pharmacy education and practice, such as physician pharmacist collaboration in patient care, drug use studies, drug reconciliation, clinical pharmacy practice development …have been discussed in symposia during the Conference. A lot of networking and sharing between colleagues in Asia and other countries have been promoted. Many senior pharmacists in Asia have been presenting their research results and experiences with colleagues around the world.

In addition to the scientific program, Gala Diner attracted about 700 participants from 24 countries to perform their traditional songs or cultures which were relaxed and friendly. In September 14, 2013, hundreds of participants also participated in Student Night at Haiphong Medical University to talk with medical and pharmacy students there regarding their future career working in team…

After the Conference, on September 16, 2013, participants also visited Viet Tiep General Hospital, the major teaching hospital for Haiphong Medical University. The team discussed the aspects of clinical pharmacy and pharmacy practice with Vietnamese colleagues in clinical environment, with both physicians and pharmacists at this hospital. More insights gained from the direct observations and visit to different places in Haiphong City Vietnam.

Most feedback from participants around the world was positive with the program and the organization of ACCP-13. With a strong medical, clinical and behaviour sciences combined in one campus, the Faculty of Pharmacy at Haiphong Medical University, the host of 13th ACCP, is expected to pioneer the application of clinical pharmacy-oriented curriculum to develop and train pharmacists who will be competent to work as members of the health care team in a clinical environment. Moreover, ACCP-13 hosted in Vietnam, Vietnamese pharmacists are encouraged to start their networking with colleagues around the world to advance clinical pharmacy in the country.

        Prepared by Nguyen Van Hung, MD PhD, Associate professor and Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy,Haiphong Medical University, Vietnam