Media Release – Telstra Health invests in Fred

Oct 01, 2013

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The Pharmacy Guild of Australia welcomes the investment by Telstra Health in Fred IT Group, which will see it take a significant investment in Australia’s leading provider of IT services and dispensing software to pharmacies.

This strategic partnership between Fred and Telstra Health reinforces Fred’s commitment to providing IT innovation and leadership for pharmacy and pharmacy customers long term.

The investment will position Fred to continue to invest strongly in eHealth and IT solutions which are vital in improving patient health and safety, creating new ways for community pharmacy to service customers and manage businesses.

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia’s investment over two decades has been invaluable in positioning Fred to take a leadership role for pharmacy, and in the achievement of industry milestones. For example, eRx Script Exchange, developed by Fred, is Australia’s first and largest national electronic prescriptions exchange and connects more than 15,500 doctors and 3,900 pharmacies to improve patient safety and dispensing efficiency.

The Guild retains a significant investment in Fred and sees this new partnership with Telstra as opening further opportunities for exploring national eHealth initiatives that can improve access to care.

Fred’s commitment to community pharmacy remains as important as ever and it will be business as usual with the same management team leading the company headed by Guild Member and pharmacy owner Paul Naismith. Pharmacies will continue to have access to high quality products and support. Service delivery and pricing commitments will remain focused on finding the most efficient and competitive solutions for pharmacy. In time, this new partnership will increase Fred’s ability to offer new products and services.

The National President of the Guild, Kos Sclavos said: “Fred IT Group’s partnership with Telstra reflects the health system adapting to meet the needs of a modern connected society. We can now explore best practice opportunities where pharmacists have a clinical role, with other health professionals, in improving health throughout the community. This partnership will enhance the role of the community pharmacy as part of the team care continuum.”

“The partnership acknowledges the importance of pharmacists in the future of health, across the spectrum of medicine management and compliance and full health records, including the cornerstone of effective health records, the medication history. With pharmacists as Australia’s most accessible health care professionals, IT enabled solutions will become more critical. I see Fred IT Group expanding health services into the future,” he said.

The Guild has also signed a separate MoU with Telstra committing the parties to work together on mutually beneficial innovative e-health solutions that provide Australians with enhanced access to health care products, services, support, advice and information that utilises the established national infrastructure of community pharmacies.