Spreading the community pharmacy message

19 Aug, 2014

reference: http://www.guild.org.au/docs/default-source/public-documents/news-and-events/media-releases/2014/mr_campaign_19aug2014.pdf?sfvrsn=0

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has announced a significant, national communications project,
entitled ‘Discover more. Ask your pharmacist,’ designed to advance the community’s knowledge
of the value of their local pharmacy.
The Guild is working with Sydney agency Jack Watts Currie to create an engaging awareness
campaign. Television and on-line advertisements will commence in late October, supported by a
new website and Facebook page. Pharmacies around Australia will be involved, further informing
their customers of what is on offer.
George Tambassis, National President of the Guild, said: ‘It is well known that Australians
appreciate the important role that community pharmacy plays in health care, providing advice and
guidance regarding medications.
‘The value that community pharmacies bring to the health care sector in Australia is truly
exceptional. Working as a team, pharmacies become integrated parts of their community,
delivering vital services that reach far beyond the traditional role of dispensing medicines.
‘Now it is time to let everybody know how much more we can do.’
‘Many Australians are surprised when they discover just how much their local pharmacy can do.
This campaign shows them a broader view of pharmacy and encourages people in need of
healthcare to first ask their pharmacist.’
The campaign is being funded by the Guild with support from the broader community pharmacy
industry who are conscious of the importance of having the community informed about the broad
role local pharmacy plays in the health care of all Australians.
A comprehensive suite of materials for display in pharmacies, amplifying the campaign message,
have been created and will be available to order and customise online. The Guild has been in
regular contact with pharmacy banner groups, management groups and wholesalers and is hoping
for a strong level of support from across pharmacy.
More than 5400 pharmacies provide easy access to essential professional knowledge and support,
often in times of health crisis, usually without an appointment and free of charge.
Media inquiries: Greg Turnbull 0412 910261