Changes at the top in South Australia

14 Aug, 2014


The South Australian Branch of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia has a new President and a new
Branch Committee to represent the interests of members over the next three years.
After 12 years as Branch President, Ian Todd has stepped aside, and will be replaced by Nick
Panayiaris. Mr Todd will remain on the Branch Committee as the State’s second National Councillor.
In a letter to Branch members, Mr Todd said: “After filling this position for 12 years, I believe that the
SA Branch will be better served by handing over the reins to someone new so that the Branch can
refresh its direction and engage anew with the membership.
“The four successive Branch Committees that I have led have quietly gone about ensuring progress in
some very significant changes for the profession in this State.
“I must thank all of those members over the years that have taken the time to contact me with their
ideas, comments, problems and suggestions,” Mr Todd said.
Mr Panayiaris is stepping up after having spent two terms on the Branch Committee, one of these also
as a National Councillor.
Mr Todd and Branch Director Michael Roberston thanked the outgoing Branch Committee members:
Mr Scott McGregor; Mr Laurie Broomhead; Mr Greg Scarlett; and Mr Zel Seman.
The make up of the new Branch Committee is:
Mr Nick Panayiaris (Branch President)
Mr An Doan (VP, Alternate National Councillor)
Ms Suzanne Schultz (VP, Alternate National Councillor)
Mr Paul Simmons (VP Finance)
Mr Ian Todd (National Councillor)
Ms Maja Ajdukovic
Ms Helen Flannery
Mr Tin Huynh
Mr Marc Apolloni
Mr Tim Gross
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