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    Applications for the YPG Grant 2010 are currently being accepted. The winning project will be announced at the 70th FIP Congress in Lisbon, Portugal. 

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-Local Contacts for Young Pharmacists
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PSA Early Career Pharmacists


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Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Young Pharmacist Chapter


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Taiwan Young Pharmacists’ Group

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  • 2012 July 3rd-9th – 11th APPS in Taiwan 
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  • 2012 August 1st-11th – 58th IPSF World Congress in Egypt  

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  • 9th APPS in Seoul!
  • 2010 August 2nd– 12th– 56th IPSF Congress, Ljubljana, Slovenia
  • 2010 July 5th– 11th – 9th APPS Congress, Seoul, Korea
  • 2009 August 3rd – 13th – 55th IPSF Congress, Bali, Indonesia
  • 2008 August 1st – 11th– 54th IPSF Congress, Cluj-Napoca, Romania



-Recent survey
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Available: Friday the 8th March to Monday the 9th April 2012
To Whom it may concern,
Re: The University of Canberra – Global Pharmacy Support Workforce Survey.
Friday the 8th March to Monday the 9th April 2012
We would like to request access to your membership network to invite members to participate in the
Global Pharmacy Support Workforce Survey.
Effective and available medications are integral to healthcare. Adequately trained professionals are
essential to efficiently procure, transport, store and supply medications. The characterisation of the Pharmacy
Support Workforce is of great importance, particularly in low income countries where shortages of pharmacists
mean other cadres have extended responsibilities but also in developed countries where well trained support
staffs allow pharmacists more time for clinical activities which can translate into improved patient health
outcomes and savings in health expenditure.
What we hope to identify from this research.
 The titles given to the positions involved in supplying medicines in public and private systems.
 The task and responsibility sets assigned by countries to these cadres.
 Where, and how, the Pharmacy Support Workforce are educated and trained.
 Are these programmes accredited? If yes, how, and by whom?
 What is the size of the workforce?
 Are the workers regulated? Are they licensed or certified? Do they have a legally defined scope of
Who will be surveyed?
The Research population will include academics, ministry of health and/or education officials and key
stakeholders accessed through the following networks;
 FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) -Pharmacy Education Taskforce,
 The World Health Organisation
 International Association Public Health Logisticians
 Global Health Workforce Alliance
 The People That Deliver Initiative
 United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organisation
 Health Workforce Education and Training- Best in Practice Initiative

-Past completed Survey

            “This survey is being conducted on behalf of the International Pharmaceutical Federation          based on the Basel Statements. It  is designed to be answered by directors of hospital              pharmacy only as it contains questions surrounding the policies and procedures of                   medicines formularies and Pharmacy and Therapeutics/Drug committees.”

       This survey is also supported by the Hospital Pharmacy Section (HPS) of FIP and WPPF”

             NOTE:The surveys have already finished! Thank you for all your kindly help!


    Pharmaceutical Sciences




    Mar 27-31, 2011

    241st ACS Spring 2011 National Meeting & Exposition

    Anaheim, CA, USA

    April 13,2011

    UKICRS Symposium 2011

    Queen’s University, Belfast BT7 1NN, UK

    Apr 13-16, 2011

    2011 Society for Biomaterials Annual Meeting

    Orlando, Florida, USA

    Apr 14-15, 2011

    Oral Delivery Strategies

    Baltimore, MD, USA

    May 14-15, 2011

    AAPS Wokshop on Delivery and Disposition of Biotherapeutics across the Blood Brain Barrier

    San Francisco, CA, USA

    May 16-18, 2011

    2011 AAPS National Biotechnology Conference

    San Francisco, CA, USA

    Jun 5-9, 2011

    The 42nd National Organic Chemistry Symposium

    Princeton, NJ

    Jun 19-21, 2011

    FMC 2011-Frontiers in Medicinal Chemisatry

    Stockholm, Sweden

    Jul 30-Aug 3, 2011

    38th Annual Meeting and Exposition of the Controlled Release Society

    National Harbor, MD, USA

    Oct 21-23, 2011 Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Pharmacy Scientific Conference 2011(MPS-PSC2011)”Advancing Competencies for Future Practice” Hotel Istana, Kuala Lumpur


    Pharmacists’ Forum

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    Welcome to the Communication Platform for Pharmacists in the Western Pacific Region!
    The Pharmacists’ Forum is intended as a discussion platform for pharmacists to share information on all aspects of pharmacy in their countries, with the guidance of topics proposed by the WPPF Executives. Every two months, the WPPF Executives Board will propose a topic focusing on either pharmacy practice in the hospital or community setting, pharmacy education or other issues concerning pharmacy in the Western Pacific Region. Through the development of the FIP Global Hospital Pharmacy Consensus Statements, WPPF would like to start off topics concerning Hospital Pharmacy by proposing questions deriving from the FIP document. Through the exchange of experiences on this Pharmacists’ Forum, WPPF wishes to foster closer ties between pharmacy professionals in our region and to advance pharmacy practice and education through the cross fertilization of ideas. 
    Please Click the Buttons on Top to Enter Each Section.
    General Guideline to Posting Your opinions on the Pharmacists’ Forum:
    1. Please register for an account on the WPPF website by clicking “Login” on the top right corner before posting.
    2. Please note that your opinions are encouraged in English and please indicate your country of origin.
    3. The topics are proposed AND/OR reviewed by the WPPF Executives periodically. You’ re welcome to  a topic for discussion.
    4. This Forum is not a venue for unrelated sites or services. Content that is posted for the sole-purpose of unrelated promotion (e.g. Spam) will be removed and may result in a permanent loss of forum privileges.
    5. Any other queries, please email to WPPF Managing Editor/Website

    Annual Reports

    Title English Chinese Japanese Date
    Annual Report(2009) pdf  (102) 2010/03/10
    Vol_5 No1(2005-2006)   (80)   (139) 2007/08/03
    Vol_4 Special Issue   (66) 2005/11/20
    Vol_1 No1 (2002.07~09)   (54)   (59) 2004/12/09
    Vol_3 No1 (2004.04~06)   (76)   (81)   (50) 2004/11/30
    Vol_2 No4 (2003.10~12)   (45)   (41)   (37) 2004/11/30
    Vol_2 No3 (2003.07~09)   (35)   (63)   (186) 2004/11/30
    Vol_2 No2 (2003.04~06)   (36)   (33)   (49) 2004/11/30
    Vol_2 No1 (2003.01~03)   (32)   (38) 2004/11/30
    Vol_1 No2 (2002.10~12)   (34)   (39) 2004/11/30

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