Country Activities

Australian Pharmacist, July 2011 Vol 3
Spotlight:Alzheimer\’s DiseaseTreatment
National Competency Standards…
PAC11 Early Bird Registration Extended
WA Pharmacist Wins QUM in Pain Managem
7th National Biochemistry & …
11th National Antibiotics conference
FIP 2007 Congress Beijing,China
6th WSMI Conference in Beijing
2004 Annual Events
The East Japan Earthquake Third report
The Great East Japan Earthquake
Radiation levels Rising in Ocean …
Workers Scramble to Contain …
Japan Quake – Message from JPA
331 Checks For Illegal Medical Supplie
BIM awards for three professionals
Poultry and pig drug suspended
First Announcement of MPS-Pharmacy …
DCFL -8th July 2011, Hilton Kuala …
Christchurch Earthquake Information
Pharmacist MTA Standards Consultation
2011 Events in New Zealand
Pharmacy Workforce Forum
The Actioning Medicines Workshop
5th Conference of AASP
The 11th Asian Conference on …
Seminar on Recent and Future …
WPPF Seminar Perfectly Closed on Feb.
PPhA 90th Anniversary!
The 3rd Pharm-Expo at BEXCO in Busan
GPP, Good Pharmacy Practice
The Utilization of Pharmacies Per …
Discontinuation of Anti-Inflammatory
The Late-Night Emergency Pharmacy …
ACCP 11 Opens in Manila
What you should know about Dabigatran
Costs of Common Medications
Symposium on Drug Delivery Systems…
New Management Team at the PSS
Q&A WHAP Taipei Call to Action
Counterfeit Drugs Policies in Taiwan
WHPA Taipei Action to Call
WHPA-Regional Workshop on …
Banned Chemical Found in Antibiotic
New Board of Thailand
Improving Access to Essential Medicine
Avian Influenza –Situation in Cambodi
Vietnam – Law Put in Force from 2010
Vietnam Country Report – March 2010