-Recent survey
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Available: Friday the 8th March to Monday the 9th April 2012
To Whom it may concern,
Re: The University of Canberra – Global Pharmacy Support Workforce Survey.
Friday the 8th March to Monday the 9th April 2012
We would like to request access to your membership network to invite members to participate in the
Global Pharmacy Support Workforce Survey.
Effective and available medications are integral to healthcare. Adequately trained professionals are
essential to efficiently procure, transport, store and supply medications. The characterisation of the Pharmacy
Support Workforce is of great importance, particularly in low income countries where shortages of pharmacists
mean other cadres have extended responsibilities but also in developed countries where well trained support
staffs allow pharmacists more time for clinical activities which can translate into improved patient health
outcomes and savings in health expenditure.
What we hope to identify from this research.
 The titles given to the positions involved in supplying medicines in public and private systems.
 The task and responsibility sets assigned by countries to these cadres.
 Where, and how, the Pharmacy Support Workforce are educated and trained.
 Are these programmes accredited? If yes, how, and by whom?
 What is the size of the workforce?
 Are the workers regulated? Are they licensed or certified? Do they have a legally defined scope of
Who will be surveyed?
The Research population will include academics, ministry of health and/or education officials and key
stakeholders accessed through the following networks;
 FIP (International Pharmaceutical Federation) -Pharmacy Education Taskforce,
 The World Health Organisation
 International Association Public Health Logisticians
 Global Health Workforce Alliance
 The People That Deliver Initiative
 United Nations Education Science and Cultural Organisation
 Health Workforce Education and Training- Best in Practice Initiative

-Past completed Survey

            “This survey is being conducted on behalf of the International Pharmaceutical Federation          based on the Basel Statements. It  is designed to be answered by directors of hospital              pharmacy only as it contains questions surrounding the policies and procedures of                   medicines formularies and Pharmacy and Therapeutics/Drug committees.”

       This survey is also supported by the Hospital Pharmacy Section (HPS) of FIP and WPPF”

             NOTE:The surveys have already finished! Thank you for all your kindly help!