Woman National Councilor

7 May 2004

The Pharmacy Guild Welcomes Female National Councilor

Western Australian Pharmacist Lenette Mullen has been elected to the Guild’s National

Council. Lenette is the third female pharmacist to be elected as a National Councillor in

the history of the Guild, and from now on the Guild is committed to retaining female

representation on its National Council.

Lenette is a highly respected pharmacist and pharmacy owner, who currently sits on the

Pharmacy Guild’s WA Branch Committee and is also a PSA National Councillor.

Along with performing her National Council duties, Lenette’s seat will allow her to

represent the many issues faced by female pharmacists, who currently make up 27

percent of the Guild’s membership base and over 60 percent of the profession.

In welcoming Lenette, John Bronger, National President of the Pharmacy Guild stated

“This is a very pleasing result for the Guild and better reflects the demographics of our

membership base and the profession as a whole, but this is only a start – the Guild will be

actively working to attract more women to join Council. But first they have to get

involved with their own State or Territory Branch Committees and from there they can be

elected to National Council”

Helene O’Byrne, Chair of the Women and Young Pharmacists’ Committee was delighted

at the news and stated “This is a healthy step forward for the Guild, since women now

make up more than half of the profession. I would like to encourage more women to

aspire to such leadership roles within the industry”.

Media Contact: John Bronger, National President Phone:    0418 643 200