The Battle of Defense for Health, the medicine make up for you “3.23” Campaign

26 Apr, 2014

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Date/Issue of Original Article2014/3/10-2014/3/16/藥師週刊第1858期

Article Author(s):Miss. HSIEH,CHIA-CHI, LI,CHUN-LAN’s 



“The Pharmaceutical Carnival – The battle of defense for Health, the medicine make up for you” ,this campaign on March 23 .

Essay from/ Miss. HSIEH, CHIA-CHI, Miss. LI, CHUN-LAN

In order to enhance the public awareness of those diseases, we pass the accurate concept of prevention, health care and drug treatment, the China Medical University with those future pharmacists, physicians and the clinics in the central and west area, the China Medical University Hospital, the Tai-Chung City for the Medical Physician Association and some other units of the division, it will hold on March 23 in Tai-Chung, Calligraphy Greenway, Taiwan. This is jointly organized by “The Pharmaceutical  Carnival – the battle of defense for health, the medicine make up for you” the top three theme is mainly for the prevention of diseases for civilization including the three high , cancer prevention , develop a good visual care and keep up a good living habit .

We hope the basic medical check-up service, medical physician consulting service, student health teaching education, those game levels , health education plays and quiz activities etc. This is arousing the public interest in our content of health education so that those people are learning in a relaxed way. We get a lot of practical knowledge about the health care. We also provided the venue in central and western area of anti-cancer mobile clinic car. We help people to make those free cancer infection control of screening for the public health check-up. This keeps a gate for people of health.

Healthy is a well-being for the greatest of life! In the professional guidance and participation of common cooperation between the two series by those physicians and pharmacists. This is the student’s self -initiation for health education events from enthusiasm. Besides, those students are encouraging to leave the school campus, make a  local contact on a place , to apply for your knowledge from school to the public. For those prospective physicians and pharmacists, they are working on a more enthusiasm manner for the future. Meanwhile, a diversified of medical and pharmacy practice. The public understand the fact that doctors will not only diagnose the disease, pharmacists will not only dispense, but also we can provide more service. On March 23, the pharmaceutical carnival in Tai-Chung City, Calligraphy Greenway, “The medicine make up for you” !

( The author is a student of Pharmacy department , China Medical University )

Reference:pharmacist weekly