Fresh Graduates Struggling to Survive – Jobstreet Poll

15 Apr , 2014

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KUALA LUMPUR:  Most fresh graduates are struggling to make and meet with their average monthly salary of RM2, 500, a recent poll by revealed.

The poll, which was carried out by the online recruitment company last month, surveyed the income and expenditure of 2,062 fresh graduates from various industries.

Jobstreet reported that 77% of respondents said their salary did not leave them with any savings after spending on essentials with 63% respondents saying that the essentials included car and study loans, which were their major commitments.

Due to the rising fuel prices, many respondents said transportation costs were also among their top expenses.

Jobstreet reported 63% of respondents saying they spent an average of RM1, 500 of their salary on these essential expenditures.

To save cost, nearly half of the fresh graduates surveyed said their lived with their parents, 30% rented out with their friends while the remaining 20% lived on their own, according to the report.

“Some 87% of respondents admitted that they did not have any other income besides their salary.

“This is why most fresh graduates asked for a higher than average salary during job interviews.”

The poll also revealed that 60% of respondents said they expected a salary of RM3, 500 for their first job while 30% expected as much as RM6, 500 for their starting pay.

However, 66% of employers said Jobstreet that they were only prepared to offer fresh graduates a starting salary of between RM2, 500 and RM2, 800, depending on their qualifications.

Hence, Jobstreet said it was no supprise that fresh graduates were always on the lookout for a new job with a higher salary.

“This creates the high turnover experienced by companies who hire fresh graduates, as they are trying to cope with the increasing cost of living,’ it said.

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