Seems like there is an ongoing campaign to smear the pharmacists. It was reported that a clinic in SS15 Subang Jaya (Klinik Aman) had pasted on the outside of the glass panel 2 newspaper cuttings that was printed in the Star and NST.

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These 2 clippings were published in the NST on 28th Sep 2006, where the Director-General of Health made a press statement (NST) about “Pharmacists: Don’t Play Doctor, and in the Star on 29th Sep 2006 where our Honorable Minister of Health made a statement about “17 pharmacists selling drugs without prescription”

Similarly we were also informed that in Hospital Kuala Lumpur at the Specialists Area Notice Board there were no other notices on the board except for these 2 clippings.

Who knows there could be other clinics where such clippings were pasted.

Perhaps these doctors had communicated among themselves and had hit upon an idea to smear the pharmacists this way.

The implication about this is that the pharmacies are certainly making inroads in helping the sick. For very good reasons, patients are visiting pharmacies and are making the doctors felt threatened (this is not the intention.) But note that under such a situation, pharmacists are being constantly watched. All the more so than that pharmacists must behave ethically and practice within the limits of the law to serve the patients – here you would have to do your utmost to ensure that they comply with the prescribed medication regime.

As a professional, one would not take on the doctors on such dirty tactics. Pharmacists will just perform their rightful duty and doctors should just perform theirs, and we know what these duties are..