Singapore Ms Lim Wan Peng, TTSH

In the Spotlight March 2010: Ms Lim Wan Peng, TTSH

What others have said:

“She is tactful and guides new pharmacists well”

“Her selfless contributions, always working more than expected of her, is a very good example to all of us, especially in a hectic environment like pharmacy where there is always not enough manpower to go around.”

Area of practice: Drug Information

Years of experience in this area: 4

Interview Questions

A. What would your advice be for the younger pharmacists? Esp when faced with challenges?

Do not let self-doubt be in the way towards learning and improvement. Believe in what you can achieve and be prepared to take a few hard knocks and criticisms. Confidence-building should always be balanced against a healthy level of humility.

B. What helped / motivated you to be where you are today?

I have been blessed with many opportunities to try out various aspects of hospital pharmacy practice and to be exposed to both clinical and operational areas. On top of that, my family has been very helpful in caring for my daughter when I need to spend more time at work on some days.

C. Who would you say is your role model, whom inspired you to excel in the pharmacy field that you chose?

Ms Christine Teng had been a wonderful mentor and friend to me during my pre-reg days and early years and I believe my interest in Drug Information was in part sparked off by her. I have also always admired Ms Lita Chew for how she manages the operational and clinical leadership of NCC pharmacy and the nurturing of her own four children.

D. What is the most memorable moment in your pharmacy career?

Frankly, I cannot remember any big moment to boast of. I savour the little successes as well as the rapport I have built with doctors and other pharmacy colleagues. I have never dreaded going to work.

E. Describe your career progression path.

2001-2002: Pre-registration pharmacist

2002-2004: Satellite pharmacist (covering mainly general medicine, orthopaedic surgery, neurology patients)

2004-2006: Inpatient pharmacist (overall in charge of central inpatient pharmacy)

2006-now: Drug information pharmacist

All my years have been spent at Tan Tock Seng Hospital.