PSA releases draft mental health care framework


16 July 2012

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) has released a consultation paper on a draft Framework for pharmacists as partners in the mental health care team.

The draft framework has been developed in consultation with an Expert Steering Committee (ESC), chaired by Dr Julie Stokes, comprising representatives from pharmacy and mental health organisations, the medical, nursing, psychology and psychiatry professions, and consumer and carer representatives.

The framework presents and explains the services provided by pharmacists in the delivery of mental health care as well as future opportunities.  These can be broadly categorised under four phases – health promotion, early detection and intervention, minimising illness and maximising recovery. 

The framework also explores the main barriers and enablers to pharmacists becoming partners in the mental health care team. 

The contribution of and guidance provided by ESC Members to the development of the draft framework has been invaluable.  PSA is grateful for the collaboration and professional contribution of individuals as well as the commitment of organisations to support the participation of their nominees. 

The development of an overarching framework is the first stage of a larger project being undertaken by the PSA to integrate pharmacists’ skills into contemporary standards of mental health care and consolidate the synergistic and unique roles of pharmacists in the mental health care team. 

PSA welcomes this opportunity to seek the views of consumers and carers, health practitioners and stakeholder organisations on what they would like to see pharmacists contribute in the provision of mental health care. 

The consultation paper can be downloaded from and submissions are invited by 24 August 2012.  It is anticipated that the final framework will be launched at the Pharmacy Australia Congress, PSA’s annual national conference, in October 2012. 

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