KPA launches the task force team for development and future planning of pharmacists


Last March, in reaction to the rapidly changing healthcare 
environment of Korea as well as the world, 
KPA has launched the task force team for ‘development 
and future planning of pharmacists’ to understand the social needs topharmacists and pharmacies, and to provide developmental guidance and policies in their function and roles in the future.


Through continuous efforts, the task force team has separated 
two kinds of assignments. First part is short-term 
assignments such as drug sales outside pharmacies , pharmaceutical 
care and fulfillment of Separation of 
dispensing and 
patient care services.


is a long term project such as building a vision for Korean pharmacists, 
setting of certified clinical specialists and CPP.


with two assignment, on the agenda are establishment of 
the pharmacist identity and public friendly reputation, pharmacist centered 
specialization and promotion of dietary supplements, Development for 
6-year pharmacists, GPP, strengthening of the functions and roles ofcommunity 


In order for efficient fulfillment of these responsibilities, the 
task force will form 3~4 departments that research, discuss and review these topics 
in depth beforehand and present the result to the complete task force meeting.


It will take on a structure where it will involve social 
pharmaceutics professionals, pharmacy school professors, and young pharmacists 
to encourage self-designing and anticipation of its own future to flow 

Results from each department will be put together to deduce the 
future vision and methods for improvements in future pharmaceutical development, 
whose born policies will be pitched to the governmental agencies to become 
reflected in the healthcare system.