2012 Pharm EXPO Korea

Reference:  http://eng.kpanet.or.kr/bbs/desc.jsp?cat=eng_news&oid=17780&pg=0

DATE : 2012/08/09

The largest national pharmaceutical fair, Pharm Expo, was held at the Daejeon 
Convention Centre (DCC) on the 24th through the 25th of March.


Hosted by the Center-region 
pharmaceutical association which is one of the branches of KPA, 2012 PharmExpo aims to provide opportunities for unity, harmony and development 
amongst pharmacists.


This fourth annual event offered training courses and pharmacy 
management seminars for the members of Center-region pharmaceutical association, as well as various booths 
presenting exhibits and symposiums. KPA also hosted one of these booths, providing guidance and advertising a 
number of its business items, including: drug price reduction reimbursement 
system, pharmacies on duty, Drug Utilization Review, GPP, safe medicine use 
education, small-scale packaging system, faulty medicine report center.