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22 Sep, 2014



Every 25th of September is World Pharmacist Day; a day set aside to honour and appreciates the outstanding contributions of pharmacists to the betterment of health globally.

A Pharmacist is a professional trained to be honest with his patients about their health. He is trained to be accountable to his community and the world in general by putting their health and welfare above all things. He is resourceful, smart and fast in providing solutions to his patient’s health challenges. He is trained to handle situation with maturity. Highly and easily accessible to his people and this is why you can find him in every community. His utter confidence inspires his patients to believe every of his word and concur sorely to his instruction to achieve superb result. Three of his cardinal attributes are sincerity, trust and intelligence. And with these exceptional qualities he is and remains a blessing to his community, nation, region, continent and the world.

Some of the pharmacist functions are:

  1. To provide expertise about the composition of drugs including their chemical, biological and physical properties, and their manufacture and use.
  2. To educate consumers and patients on the use of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications and advice physicians, nurses and other medical professionals on drug decision.
  3. To help patients to get well.

Pharmacists are the impetus behind the discovering of new and all medicines that saves lives, reduces morbidity, mortality and helps us to have a healthier and better world.

Pharmacists are the key that unlocks all you and I need to know about our medicines, health and good living. They are the world most accessible healthcare provider because they are very close to you; they are in your street, in your estate or perhaps a stone throw from your house. They are always with you in sickness and in health.

Pharmacists are not just drug experts; they are leaders, drug designers, clinicians, communicators, councillors, managers, role models, entrepreneurs, technocrats per excellence, motivators, change agents and blessings to our world.

The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (MPS), working together with the Pharmaceutical Services Division of the Ministry of Health, would like to encourage pharmacists in Malaysia to celebrate this auspicious day at their own practice settings so as to uplift the spirits of the Pharmacist profession in this Country. This will certainly benefit the Country and its people towards better health.

On this day, pharmacists should celebrate our profession by organising activities that promote and advocate for the role of the pharmacist in improving health in accordance with the theme for this year’s celebration “Access to Pharmacists is Access to Health”.

And to create awareness of this special day, we provide a poster for you to print out and display at your pharmacy, your place of work, your office or any other conspicuous place.

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– See more at: http://www.mps.org.my/newsmaster.cfm?&menuid=37&action=view&retrieveid=3938#sthash.uGHfWitb.dpuf