The Utilization of Pharmacies Per …

The Utilization of Pharmacies Per Person-‘2010 Payments Statistics’

The utilization of pharmacies per person is 9.15 days with an increase of 0.13days from last year, medical clinics 18.5 days, hospitalization 16.37 days and outpatient clinic 2.12 days.

Based on last year’s results the utilization of pharmacy per person was 9.51days.

According to the ‘2010 payments statistics’ of the Health Insurance Review Agency (HIRA), the days of visiting pharmacies were 9.51days compared to last year’s result which was 9.38days with the increment of 0.13days.

The utilization of medical clinics per person was 18.5 days with increment of 0.54 days, hospitalization 2.12days compared to 1.91days last year (0.21 increment) and visits to outpatient clinic has increased from 16.05 days to 16.37days.

The total medical expenses have increased by 10.7% being 43.6570 trillion won, hospital admission with 16.9% increase being 14.4926 trillion won, out-patient clinic 8.3% being 17.6696 trillion and pharmacy costs increased by 7.4% being 11.4948 trillion won.

Regarding the medical institutions, hospital showed the highest increment of 19.2% being 5.7428 trillion won and nursing hospital increased by 30.8 % being 1.7345 trillion won.

The elderly patient (over 65years old) medical expenses were 13.7847 trillion won with 14.5% increment sharing 31.6% of the total medical expenses.

Diseases that caused the highest hospital admission were due to senile cataracts, for out-patient clinic it was essential (primary) hypertension.

And there was an increment of 32.2% being 290.3 billion won of elderly patient admission and elderly expenses due to Alzheimer’s disease.