The sustainability of the supply chain – lessons from the EU


18 September 2012 

Recent developments in Australia’s pharmacy supply chain model have raised concerns about margins and sustainability in community pharmacies.

Australia’s concerns are not isolated, and recent developments across Europe have underscored   some of the issues being raised in this country.

The European experience will be the subject of a presentation by keynote speaker John Chave, Secretary General of the Pharmaceutical Group of the European Union which represents community pharmacists in 32 European countries, who will speak on the topic of How secure is the supply chain during one of the new business and management stream sessions on Saturday, October 20 from 1:15pm – 2:45pm, on the topic of Have you got what you need?

Mr Chave will address the issues of increased use of generics, reduced margins, the redirecting of supply chains, mail order and online pharmacies – all of which are having a major impact on traditional supply chains.

“In recent years, Europe has seen a number of evolutions in the supply chain which have raised questions over its future sustainability,” Mr Chave said.

“These include the implementation of policies to increase the uptake of generics and reduce generics prices, including tendering of generics; the increased distribution of some medicines from secondary care settings rather than community pharmacies; the increased availability of medicines from internet or mail order sources; and the adoption of direct to pharmacy distribution schemes and /or the imposition of market quotas by the pharmaceutical industry.

“Negative consequences for pharmacies have been seen in terms of declining revenues, difficulties in sourcing some medicines because of shortages and increased administration time and costs.

“The presentation will explain the ‘state of play’ of the European supply chain, the impact of recent changes on community pharmacy, and the prospects for the future.”

Mr Chave’s presentation will complement those  of Norman Thurecht who will look at The financial impact of generic pricing reforms, and Bruce Annabel who will present on Getting the product mix right.

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Recent developments in Australia’s pharmacy supply chain model have raised concerns ENDS

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MEDIA CONTACT:                          Peter Waterman   0487 922 176