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The Pharmacy Guild of Australia – The Roadmap

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has produced The Roadmap – The Strategic Direction for Community Pharmacy. This document is a major practical contribution by the Guild to the future direction and development of Australia’s highly regarded community pharmacy model.

The Roadmap is an analysis of where pharmacy is today, and a plan for it future direction. Importantly, the document provides practical mechanisms through which community pharmacy can develop future services nationally.

“The Guild is determined to work hard to implement the vision outlined in The Roadmap. We are prepared to invest our own resources to achieve the enhanced role for pharmacy set out in The Roadmap,” Guild National President, Kos Sclavos, said.

The Roadmap takes a ‘how to’ approach to community pharmacy’s challenges and opportunities. It documents the range of services community pharmacy currently provides and will provide in the future, and allocates them to four quadrants.

These quadrants are:

* A. Prescribed medicines services and programs – linked to the dispensary

* B. Pharmacy medicines and health products services and programs – linked to the professional services area of the pharmacy

* C. In-pharmacy health services and programs – conducted within a private consultation area within the pharmacy

* D. Outreach health services and programs – delivered outside the pharmacy

The Roadmap puts forward ‘program development templates’ for existing and future professional pharmacy services.

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