The 5th Korean Pharmacist Convention

The 5th Korean Pharmacist Convention

In May 5th 2010, The 5th Korean Pharmacist Convention was held at KINTEX, Ilsan.

20 thousand pharmacists participants proclaimed to be the pharmacists for the people, of the people.

The president of Korea pharmaceutical association, Kim Koo said that we will find the value of ‘health care pharmacist and pharmacy’ for the next 10 years.

And pharmacists who participated in the convention announced ‘Vision declaration’ and ‘The code of conduct’.

They declared that they will 1.Place top priority on the public 2.Activate 24hours pharmacy and the shift system to resolve inconvenience of drug purchase of patient 3.Block the violation of pharmacists rights 4.Realize effective Health Care Activity by defining the right concept of Health care pharmacy, Health care pharmacist 5.Diversify the pharmacist role through rearrangement of labor force which is concentrated in community pharmacy 6.Do their best to carry out responsibility and duty of pharmacist.

After the opening ceremony, the performance including dance and musical was held.

The convention ended with singing ‘The song of Korean pharmaceutical association’ in chorus.