Tassone re-elected Pharmacy Guild Victorian Branch President

28 Aug, 2014

reference: http://www.guild.org.au/docs/default-source/public-documents/news-and-events/media-releases/2014/20140827-media-release—tassone-re-elected-pharmacy-guild-victorian-branch-president.pdf?sfvrsn=0

Anthony Tassone has been re-elected as Victorian Branch President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.
The Australian Electoral Commission confirmed the result on 26 August following a postal election of Victorian Branch
members between Mr Tassone and District 1 Representative and Alternate National Councillor, Angelo Pricolo.
Mr Tassone is appointed as Branch President for a three year term, following his interim appointment as Branch President
taking over from George Tambassis who was named National President in October 2013.
Branch Director Allan Crosthwaite congratulated Mr Tassone on his re-election and both candidates on their campaigns.
“I would like to congratulate both Anthony and Angelo for their professionalism throughout their campaigns. It was a
credit to them both and the Victorian Branch that the members were given a choice of two dedicated and passionate
Branch committee representatives to lead them,” Mr Crosthwaite said.
Mr Tassone thanked the members for their vote of confidence.
“It is extremely humbling and exciting to receive this strong endorsement from the Victorian members to lead the branch
for the coming three years,” he said “However, it comes with great responsibility given the challenges our industry is
currently facing including the current economic climate as well as the upcoming 6th Community Pharmacy Agreement
“I very much look forward to working with my fellow branch committee members and engaging with the broader
membership and industry to advocate and promote the value of community pharmacy which I strongly believe in.”
The election for the Victorian Branch Presidency received a returned vote of approximately 50% from eligible voters,
which is above the industry average for similar registered organisations under the Fair Work Act and previous Victorian
Branch elections.
Mr Crosthwaite said that this was indicative of the strong appreciation for the significant issues surrounding the industry
currently and the importance of members having their say.
“I would like to thank all of those members who did vote in the election – it is essential that members have their say in the
appointment of their leaders particularly at such a critical time for our industry.”
Following the announcement, it was immediately business as usual for Mr Tassone continuing to work intimately with a
range of important areas including; preparation for the 6th Community Pharmacy Agreement negotiations, ongoing
response to the currently underway Competition Policy Review, preparation for the upcoming public relations and media
campaign promoting the value of community pharmacy and being responsive to member queries and needs.