Strategic Plan for Community Pharmacy

Country: Australia
Title: Strategic Plan for Community Pharmacy
Date: 2010/03/24
The Roadmap – the Strategic Plan for Community Pharmacy

(News released by The Pharmacy Guild of Australia)

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has foreshadowed that it will soon release a strategic plan for the future development of professional services delivered by Australia’s network of community pharmacists.

The document now being drafted by the Guild will be titled ‘The Roadmap – the Strategic Direction for Community Pharmacy’.

With the Fifth Community Pharmacy Agreement framework now completed, and the Federal Goverment concluding its wide reviews of the health system, the Guild recognises that it is important to explain the broad strategy to the profession and the wider health community.

The Guild will finalise and release the Roadmap later this year – after the Federal Government formally responds to those parts of its major health reviews relating to aged care, primary care, emergency care and preventive health.

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