Smoke Free Areas in Public Places

Summary: The Australian Council on Smoking and Health (ACOSH)?ltis a fully funded, non-government, non-profit organisation which aims to raise awareness in the community on issues relating to smoking and health and lobby tobacco industries and governments in the fight against tobacco. It has vigorously pushed for restrictions on smoking in public areas. Recent changes reflect success in this area, but there still is a long way to go as ACOSH continues to work to achieve a Smokefree State. The recent win of a former bar attendant against her employers has paved the way for changes to take place in the hospitality sector.

In 1999 the Western Australian Government introduced regulations that restricted smoking in enclosed public places like shopping centres, restaurants, cafes, bars and cinemas. The Regulations were included in the ‘Health (Smoking in Public Places) Regulations 1999 (WA)’.

Under the new Regulations smoking was prohibited in enclosed areas where meals were served and in certain sections of hotels and nightclubs. Exemptions were only granted for gaming areas at the Burswood Resort Casino and the Western Australia Institute for the Blind Bingo Centre in Bayswater.

To know the full story, please visit the website stated below. In addition to successful experience, you will also learn the established smoking regulations, and new smoking restrictions that has come into effect from January 1, 2005.