‘Scrap the Cap’ – Pharmacy Guild submission to government

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Jul 16, 2013        

The Pharmacy Guild of Australia has delivered a submission  to Treasury in response to the discussion paper  on the Reform to deductions for education expenses, calling for a re-think of the proposed  capping of tax­ deductibility of self-education expenses.

The submission  points out that as a condition  of their ongoing registration to practice, pharmacists by law must undertake a mandatory amount  of continuing  professional development,  with accredited pharmacists having additional requirements.

The Guild has expressed concern that the proposed  cap on self-education expenses would make it harder for pharmacists to meet these requirements and would particularly hurt:

• Rural pharmacists who travel greater distances to access education;

• Younger pharmacists who are building their skills; and

• Female pharmacists preparing to return to work after having children.

The author of the submission, Anthony Tassone, National Director,  Guild Pharmacy Academy said today that ‘The Guild is opposed  to the cap which would make Australia less competitive as a country and would particularly hurt younger pharmacists, female pharmacists returning to the workforce and pharmacists practising in rural areas. A cap on deductible education expenses  will lead to a lower  skilled workforce across  many sectors,  particularly health and pharmacy.’

‘If there is rorting going on, it should be identified and stamped out rather than disadvantaging hard working pharmacists who are ensuring they have the skills to meet the needs of their patients.’

‘The  proposed cap on deductible education expenses  discriminates against registered  health practitioners who are required  to meet a minimum CPD  requirement to maintain  registration and the right to practice,’ he said.

The submission can be accessed at http: //www.guild.org.au / news-events /cpd -education-cap-submission . CONTACT: Anthony Tassone, National Director, Guild Pharmacy Academy, on 03 9810 9945