Review of PSA Code of Professional Conduct (News released by PSA)

Country: Australia
Title: Review of PSA Code of Professional …
Date: 2010/06/09
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Review of PSA Code of Professional Conduct (News released by PSA)

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has commenced a review of its highly regarded Code of Professional Conduct.

A Code Review Working Group, chaired by Dr Shane Jackson, and a panel of expert advisors have been established which will initially be assessing gaps in the current code arising, for example, from changes in legislation, changes to the health-care landscape, or the evolution of professional pharmacy practice.

The working group also will be looking at codes of overseas pharmacy organisations as well as codes of other health professions in Australia to help inform its work.

At its first meeting the working group said it believed the way forward was to revamp the current code into a simpler ‘code of ethics’.

This ‘code of ethics’ would articulate the core values of the profession and be supported by additional guidance documents. The working group will also be considering how a revised code can be implemented for the entire pharmacy profession.

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