Renew The Application Format For Medical Payment? TPIP: Get More Discussion!

Bureau of National Health Insurance have decided to change the application format for medical payment of the National Health Insurance since July 1, 2012 (expense month/year), and each therapeutic agents need to fill the information of pharmacists in the newest version of application format. TPIP said that if there are three types of drugs on the prescription, each drug should write the code name of its pharmacist, and the necessity should be discussed in more detail.

Bureau of National Health Insurance replied that one inspection sheet may be executed by different technologists, and one “drug” prescription might be blended by the same pharmacist, and the columns of prescription are used together. They will define who should write down all information, and adjust it later.

TPIP in the committee of “The third dental outpatient service

of the total number of payments committee in 2011” had proposed Taiwan Dental Association to release the prescription by the spirit of separating of dispensing practice from medical practice.

First, TPIP members had responded that dental clinic would give a drug in their dental clinic because it’s convenient for people. Although they didn’t apply for the payment from Bureau of National Health Insurance, it is not allowed here because of law. TPIP wants Taiwan Dental Association to send a letter to their members in local association to

revise their behavior.

Second, this issue appears every year, however, the most serious this year.

The prescription charge is for a 7.9% increase in hospital, but it had decreased 4% in the primary care clinics. It might be directly because dental clinic give a drug in their clinic. TPIP hopes Taiwan Dental Association could send a letter to local association that they can discuss this issue with primary care clinics to release the prescription.

Huang Sangui, the chairperson of Taiwan Dental Association, said it would be appropriate to send a letter by Bureau of National Health Insurance.

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Renew The Application Format For Medical Payment? TPIP: Get More Discussion!