Quick Take (05/10/12)

Main News:

  1. Record Attendance at Philippine Pharmacists Association Convention
  2. 2012 PPhA National Convention Puts Quality and Safety of Medicines in Focu
  3. Grandparents Galore!!
  4. WHO Report Reveals Teenagers Do Not Get a Fair Deal on Health
  5. Good Hand Hygiene Promotes Patient Safety

News Update: 

  1. Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) Scorecard
  2. PGA Newsletter – Vol.2 No.15 26th Apr.,2012
  3. PGA Newsletter – Vol.2 No.16 2nd May,2012
  4. PGA Newsletter – Vol.2 No.17 8th May,2012
  5. Pharmacists Join Heart Campaign
  6. Pharmacists Welcome an eHealth Future
  7. Budget Confirms Price Disclosure Impact
  8. Nominations for Excellence Awards
  9. Pharmacies to Be Accredited
  10. MPS 45th Annual Seminar: Focus on Non-Communicable Diseases
  11. Drug Prices of Common Chronic Illnesses
  12. 22nd Singapore Pharmacy Congress
  13. Pharmacists Will Be Included into Certification Criteria of Diabetes Shared Care Network
  14. Could Convenience Stores Sell Medicines? FDA Reaffirmed That Safety Is The Priority!
  15. Elevating The Drug Use Safety Is Re-elected as The Primary Goal of Patient Safety.

International News:

  1. WHOWHO Donates Incubators,Drug Refrigerator For Children’s Ward in Kiribati
  2. WHO-WHO Report Reveals Teenagers Do Not Get a Fair Deal on Health
  3. WHOScaling up The Fight against Malaria
  4. WHO-Preterm Baby Mortality Cab Be Reduced by Three-Quarters
  5. WHO-Haiti: Free Obstetric Care Saving Lives
  6. WHO-Good Hand Hygiene Promotes Patient Safety


  1. WPROThe Regional Strategy for Traditional Medicine in the Western Pacific Region (2011-2020)
  2. WHO-A Practical Handbook on The Pharmacovigilance of Medicines Used in The Treatment of Tuberculosis


  1.  Pharmacists Join Heart Campaign

 Upcoming Event Calendar Reminder:

  1. 45th MPS Annual Seminar: Focus on Non-Communicable Diseases (
  2. 18.05.2012 – 20.05.2012)
  3. Clinical and Practice Expo(25.05.2012-27.05.2072)
  4. Asia Pacific Conference on National Medicines Policies(26.05.2012-29.05.2012) 
  5. Training in Evidence-Based Medicine & Critical Appraisal in Making Choices & Formulary Drug Listing(29.05.2012-30.05.2012)
  6. World No Tobacco Day(31.05.2012)