Quick Take (04/25/12)

Main News:

1.WPPF President Ware-Asia Pacific National Medicines Policy Meeting

2.WHO Pharmaceuticals Newsletter-No. 2, 2012

3.WHO-New Plan to Control and Eliminate Measles and Rubella

News Update:

1.3Rs For Innovating Novel Antibiotics

2.Response to Medias for Selling OTC Drugs Polls in Convenience Stores

3.Animal Tests on Tumor Drug Finished

4.PSS Annual Report 2011 / 2012

5.106th PSS Council Formed

6.Policy Will Not Be Implemented if Unsuitable

7.1Care Monopoly

8.Doctors Differ on Medical Points System

9.Cut-Off Point for Doctor

10.Pharmacoeconomics Guidelines for Malaysia March 2012

11.PAC12 Registrations Open

12.Delivering and Growing Pharmacy Professional Services

13.Type 2 Diabetes Funding for Victorian Pharmacists

14.Role of Pharmacists in Men’s Health

15.PGA Newsletter – Vol.2 No.14 18th Apr.,2012

16.PGA Newsletter – Vol.2 No.13 11th Apr.,2012

17.Guild and NACCHO Working Together

18.New-Look Rural Pharmacists Australia Alliance

19.Committees Seek Delay of Health Insurance Program

International News:

1.WHO- Western Pacific Region celebrates Immunization Week 2012

2.WHO-Western Pacific Closes in on Its Measles Elimination Target

3.WHOGlobal Partners Launch New Plan to Control and Eliminate Measles and Rubella

4.WHOEfforts to Eradicate Polio at Serious Risk of Failure Unless Adequate Resources are Identified

5.WHO-World Immuniszation Week-Protect Your World :Get Vaccinated

6.WHOMaintaining Oral health

7.WHODementia Cases Set to Triple by 2050 but Still Largely Ignored

Public Health

1.Countries Must Recognize Alcohol Abuse as Grave Public Health Threat


1.WHO-Recommendations for Management of Common Childhood Conditions

Upcoming Event Calendar Reminder:

1.World Immunization Week (04/21-04/28)

2.World Malaria Day (04/25)

3.PPhA 2012 National Convention(04/26-04/28)

4.UKM Pharmacy Awareness Campaign (04/28)

5.WHO-54 INN Consultation (05/01-05/03)