Quick Take (04/10/12)

Main News:

1.2012 WPPF/FIP Travel Scholarship Winners are Announced!

2.WHOWorld Health Day 2012 – Good Health Adds life to Years

3.FIP Newsletter 04, April,2012

News Update:

1.Community Pharmacies Are Responsible Employers

2.PGA-Newsletter Vol 2.No.11,28 March,2012

3.PGA-Newsletter Vol.2, No.12,4 April,2012

4.Responsible Dispensing of Generic Medicines

5.Weekend Education Feast

6.Australian Pharmacist Examines Immunisation Debate

7.Advanced Pharmacy Practice A Consultation Paper for the Pharmacy Profession

8.A Stand Alone Community Pharmacist

9.Medical Progress Specialty Workshop On Urology for Pharmacist

10.CPD Guidelines for Pharmacists and Providers

11.This Is The Way to Go (Transformation of Community Pharmacy)

12.TFDA-Monthly E-letter in April

13.International Conference on Medical Education in East Asia Contexts: Challenges and Opportunities

14.To Understand Second-Generation Smoking Cessation

15.Certification Scheme of Tobacco Control Educator Pharmacists Will Be Released

16.Committees Seek Delay of Health Insurance Program

Pharmacy Education- E- Learning:

1.Australian Prescriver Volume 35 Number2- April 2012

2.NPS News 78: Depression-Challenges in Primary Care

3.NPS RADAR-How Do We Select topics for NPS RADAR Reviews?

4.NPS RADAR in Prescribing Software

5.NPS RADAR April 2012

International New:

1.WHO-World Health Day 2012 – Good Health Adds Life toYears

2.WHONew Incentives Needed to Encourage Health Research and Development for Developing Countries

3.FIP-Newsletter 04,April,2012

4.FIP-Good Health Adds Life to Years – World Health Day 2012

5.FIP-Publication- IPJ Call for Articles Now Are Open

Upcoming Event Calendar Reminder:

1.First European Conference on Patient Empowerment-04/11-04/12,2012

2.Entrepreneuship in Community Pharmacy Seminar04/13-04/14,2012

3.Medical Progress Specialty Workshop On Urology ofr Pharmacist-04/15,2012

4.World Immunization Week-04/21-04/28,2012

5.Technical Component ” Drug Availability ” Committee Bil 1/12-04/21,2012