Qld Government Launches Diabetes Pharm

Qld Government Launches Diabetes Pharmacy Action Plan

Queensland Premier Anna Bligh announced a community pharmacy diabetes action plan on that further embeds pharmacy at the centre of preventive health initiatives in the State of Queensland. The initiative was launched by the Premier, with Deputy Premier and Health Minister Paul Lucas, at the pharmacy owned by the National President of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia Kos Sclavos.

From March 2011 diabetes risk assessments will occur at Queensland pharmacies. The program will expand on the successful “Know Your Numbers” campaign developed with the Stroke Foundation. Diabetes Queensland will join the partnership with the Guild and the Stroke Foundation.

Both campaigns will be integrated and become IT based using the Guild’s award winning technology developed by the 100% owned Guild subsidiary InnovationRx.

It is hoped all pharmacies will assist patients to complete the AusDrisk tool to assess their risk of diabetes, with referral to a GP for those identified at risk. Furthermore some 120 participating pharmacies across Queensland will undertake a pilot risk identification program which aims to check 10,000 people via a blood glucose finger prick test.

After many years of success the move to IT enable the recording of the “Know Your Numbers” campaign will allow better outcome recording and documentation of the intervention role of community pharmacy.

The program begins in March 2011 and Queensland pharmacies will be notified of the detailed program early in 2011.

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