• WPPF REGIONAL COMMITTEE REPORT -WHO meeting in Sep 2007, Jeju


  • WPPF Statement of Principle on the Pharmacist and Public Health (EnglishChinese)

At the suggestion of the World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional office, the Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum of FIP has prepared a Statement of Principle relating to pharmacists in public health and the education of pharmacists in that regard.

Because a pharmacist is a frequent point of contact with the public on healthcare and medicine related matters the Forum believes, with WHO, that public health needs to be adequately addressed and provided for in the undergraduate pharmacy courses.

We are aware, of course, that the public health content in undergraduate courses of pharmacy varies form country to country and school to school.

The Statement of Principle adopted by the Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum of FIP and supported by FIP and WHO Western Pacific Regional office outlines the principles and contents that should be addressed. All associations in the Western Pacific region have been sent a copy of the statement and asked to forward it to the heads of Pharmacy Schools in their countries. Almost all of the associations have supported this initiative.

  1. Essential medicines and national medicines policy from Regional Office for the Western Pacific  

Essential medicines are those that satisfy the health care needs of the majority of the population. They should be available at all times in adequate amounts and in the appropriate dosage forms, and at a price that individuals and the community can afford.

  • President  Kamal K. Midha ‘s Inaugural Address at the 67th FIP World Pharmacy Congress, Beijing, China 2007 (EnglishChineseJapanese)


  1. Promoting a Tobacco Free Future—The Role of the Pharmacists in Promoting a Tobacco Free Future. (EnglishChinese)

During the World Congress in Sydney, Australia, the FIP Council adopted a Statement of Policy on the Role of the  Pharmacist in Promoting a Tobacco Free Future. Pharmacists, in common with all other health professionals, have a responsibility to help people who wish to do so, to give up smoking or other uses of tobacco and to encourage others to do so….

  1. Self-Care Including Self-Medication—The Profession Role of the Pharmacist.(EnglishChinese)

This Statement was adopted by the Council of the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) during the Council Meeting in Jerusalem on Sunday September 1,1996.

  • IPSF The Patient Counselling Booklet (English)00