PSA, Ueda Pharmacists Association sign Memorandum of Understanding


30 October 2012

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and Japan’s Ueda Pharmacists Association have signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop and foster a strategic alliance which aims to develop and promote the professional role of pharmacists in the primary health-care team. 

The MoU is also designed to strengthen collaboration and cooperation between the Ueda Pharmacists Association and PSA while identifying potential products and services that may form the basis of commercial licensing agreements between the two groups. 

National President of the PSA, Grant Kardachi, said the agreement would also promote collaborative arrangements and the promotion of the major events and conferences of the respective organisations. 

“The Ueda Pharmacists Association is a very active professional body and already PSA and the association have worked together on planning two upcoming workshops in Australia which Japanese representatives will attend for training purposes,” Mr Kardachi said.

 “In addition, PSA Vice-President Claire O’Reilly has been invited to attend Japan as a conference speaker. 

“The success of this agreement will be characterised by cooperation, communication, responsiveness, transparency, and close planning on any joint projects between the Ueda Pharmacists Association and PSA.

“PSA’s expertise in the delivery of education materials will be of great benefit to our counterparts in Japan, while the Japanese experience and broad knowledge base will add value to the Society’s operations.” 

Mr Kardachi said that the signing represented further recognition of PSA’s pre-eminent position in developing and delivering CPD resources of unrivalled quality and depth.

 “This is a significant partnership which has the potential to deliver substantial ongoing benefits and opportunities to members of both organisations,” Mr Kardachi said.