PSA Reminds Pharmacists of Their Responsibilities

27 September 2011

The potential opportunities for pharmacists to increase their roles as clinicians have been given great impetus by the current health reform process, but with those opportunities come responsibilities.

National President of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia, Grant Kardachi, said the current debate over pharmacists recommending complementary medicines with prescriptions had renewed the focus on pharmacists‟ responsibilities.

“At our national congress next week, PAC11, PSA will be launching a revised Code of Ethics which is designed to underpin the professional role of pharmacists as health-care clinicians,” Mr Kardachi said.

“This code reinforces the principle that pharmacists should ensure that medicines and products they recommend are evidence-based and will have positive health outcomes for consumers.”

Mr Kardachi said also that in recommending complementary or other medicines as part of a consumer‟s health regimen, pharmacists need to work closely with the consumer‟s GP to ensure their advice meets the needs of the current care plan for the patient.

“Pharmacists must ensure they adhere to the Quality Use of Medicines principles which include:

  • selecting management options wisely;
  • choosing suitable medicines if a medicine is considered necessary; and
  • using medicines safely and effectively.

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PSA Reminds Pharmacists of Their Responsibilities