PSA membership tops 18,000 for first time

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2 May 2013

Membership of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has grown to more than 18,000 for the first time in the PSA’s history.

Acting National President of the PSA, Dr Claire O’Reilly, said that the ongoing strong growth of PSA membership was a reflection of the Society’s mandate to cover all areas of the pharmacy profession as well as recognition of the wide range of services it provides.

“PSA is the only body which truly represents all sectors of the pharmacy profession and our members recognise that this gives us insights and strengths which are invaluable,” Dr O’Reilly said.

“It also positions us to be able to advocate from a position of unity and to be able to speak with one voice for all the profession.

“Being able to lobby on behalf of all the profession gives PSA a very strong and credible voice when advocating on behalf of our members.”

Dr O’Reilly said PSA’s continued commitment to the ongoing development and delivery of targeted practice support and professional education was another reason it has such a strong membership base.

“Pharmacists recognise the need and value of good practice support and quality continuing professional education,” Dr O’Reilly said.

“While there are a range of other providers of professional education available, PSA can boast a quality second to none.

“This is appreciated by pharmacists who also know that by being members of PSA they receive special offers, services and discounts which non members do not have access to.

“We are excited that our membership is now more than 18,700 but we will not be resting on our laurels.  We will continue to build on our services and offerings to ensure that PSA   members have a professional and business edge to take them forward.

“The rise in membership is also recognition that PSA is influencing attitudes, opinions and policies through representation, networking, consultation, continuing education, practice support, standards, guidelines and a range of publications and health promoting programs and resources.”