PSA, Indonesian Pharmacists Association in strategic alliance


14 Septemebr 2012

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia and the Indonesian Pharmacists Association (IAI) today signed a Memorandum of Understanding to develop a framework for commitment and cooperation to support the work of both organisations in serving their members.

The MoU will also strengthen the communication, liaison, collaboration and cooperation between the IAI and PSA in policy development, education and training, political action, and commercial arrangements where there is mutual benefit.

Signing the MoU on behalf of the PSA, National Board member John Jackson said success of the alliance would be characterised by cooperation, communication, responsiveness, transparency, and close planning on any joint projects between the two organisations.

“The MoU is the expression of a spirit of cooperation,” Mr Jackson said.

“There are some clear similarities of purpose between the IAI and the PSA. Both are non-partisan organisations that represent the professional interests and aspirations of their respective pharmacist memberships.

“In working towards successful outcomes for the respective members of both organisations and for the health consumer, there are potential mutual benefits and increased possibilities of successful outcomes in the two organisations working together collaboratively and cooperatively.

“Key to the work of both IAI and PSA is the relationship with members.

“Offerings of value that add to both memberships are key to delivering sustainable services that enhance the role of pharmacists in the delivery of quality use of medicines, consumer health outcomes, and attracting new members.”

Mr Jackson said the MoU would also promote collaborative arrangements and exchange of information on specific, mutually agreed issues, as well as on the promotion of the major events and conferences of both organisations.

“This is an exciting strategic alliance between our two organisations which will see benefits for the nearly 30,000 members the two organsiations represent,” Mr Jackson said.