The “Show Us Your Lungs!” campaign aims to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your lungs and acting promptly if experiencing symptoms of lung disease.

Celebrity advocate, John Jarratt, has put his weight behind the campaign and stars in the Lung Foundation’s community service announcement as well as campaign YouTube videos. Dr Harry Cooper and Dr John D’Arcy also play a starring role on the Lung Foundation’s website, voicing their support for lung health awareness in Australia.

Community pharmacies can play an important role in supporting the lung health of their customers. Tools such as the Australian Lung Foundation’s Lung Health Checklist can be used in health promotion activities or as part of more formal screening/risk assessment services offered in the pharmacy.

The checklist, which takes less than a minute to complete, is a useful starting point for people to start thinking and talking to their health care team, including pharmacists and doctors, about their lung health.


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