Professor Ian Frazer to detail the Gardasil journey at PAC13

Aug , 12  2013

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The story behind the research and development of Gardasil – with all its challenges, obstacles and ultimate triumphs – is one of the most fascinating and inspiring sagas to be found in modern healthcare.

Now delegates to PAC13 will be able to hear Professor Ian Frazer present the Alan Russell Oration during which he will talk about the Gardasil Journey and the trials, tribulations, sacrifices – and ultimate successes – he experienced in his amazing quest and ultimately successful search cofounding a cervical cancer vaccine.

Professor Frazer persevered when all the odds were against him and his subsequent discovery has revolutionised the battle against cervical cancer.

This will be a truly inspirational and compelling presentation about a modern-day medical battle.

Adding interest is the fact that Professor Frazer is currently leading the charge to develop vaccination technology to prevent and treat genital herpes.

This work has reached  has reached the next step in clinical trials with the aim to be a prevention and cure for the Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV-2) and if successful, could lead to effective vaccinations or remedies for currently incurable viruses like HIV-AIDS or hepatitis C.

Professor Frazer, whose address can be heard on the afternoon of Friday, 11 October, is one of a wide range of expert speakers at PAC13 which this year has moved to Brisbane.

The theme for PAC13 is ONE profession, ONE focus, ONE voice which will focus on unity in the profession, in the delivery of services and in the goal of better health outcomes.

These are the keys to the profession growing in the future and remaining viable and sustainable while continuing to improve the health and wellbeing of the population.

PAC13 will be held at the Brisbane Convention Centre from 10-13 October 2013. To    register, go to