Practising “Good Pharma” is Very Rewarding (PGA)

Country: Australia
Title: Practising “Good Pharma” is Very …
Date: 2010/06/09
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Practising “Good Pharma” is Very Rewarding (PGA)

Now more than ever, there is a great business case for community pharmacies to focus on provision of professional health care services.

The Good Pharma initiative is all about offering your customers a more patient-orientated service, and reaping the rewards. It will help take your business to a higher level. Everything you need to know, including how to register, can be found online at

The program’s online diagnostic tool will analyse the best course of action for your individual pharmacy and identify which professional services will be most beneficial to you.

Register for the Good Pharma program before 30 June 2010 and you can take advantage of this sophisticated pharmacy analysis tool FREE OF CHARGE.

Whatever your pharmacy’s unique requirements, the law of Good Pharma tells us that – as you increase the level of professional services offered to your customers, so will you be rewarded with their loyalty.

This program ends on 30 June 2010, so it’s imperative that you act soon.

The Good Pharma initiative is part of the Practice Change Program funded under the Department of Health and Ageing’s Fourth Community Pharmacy Agreement and is managed by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia with the support of the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia.

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