Pharmacy Under Threat petition delivered

Oct , 22  2013

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Pharmacy Under Threat petition delivered

The Pharmacy Under Threat petition has been delivered to the House of Representatives in Canberra – 1.1 million signatures reaffirming the value patients put on their local community pharmacy.
It took a sizable utility to do it – but 22 boxes of petition forms were transported up the hill from the Guild national secretariat in Canberra. The mammoth petition response will reinforce to politicians the importance placed by patients all over Australia on community pharmacies.
The petition, launched in early August, is believed to be the largest number of signatures ever presented to the Australian House of Representatives. This followed an amazing effort by pharmacists and pharmacy staff all over Australia.

The petition calls on the House to take whatever action is needed to ensure that community pharmacy receives the funding support it needs to stay in business, serve patients, employ staff and remain open. This follows the decision of the former Labor Government, without consultation, to accelerate the Price Disclosure mechanism for PBS medicines without adjusting pharmacy remuneration.

The Guild would like to say a big ‘thank you’ to all pharmacists, pharmacy assistants, pharmacy students, wholesalers, banner groups and pharmacy media who supported this significant project.
The petition will now be a key plank of the Guild’s campaign as we continue to work constructively with the new Coalition Government.
The petition was a voice for patients. Every signature shows the new government how much patients value their community pharmacy.
Photos available.