Pharmacy digs deep for drought affected farmers

11 March, 2014


Pharmacy digs deep for drought affected farmers
Australian farmers are doing it extra
tough in many parts of the country
because of drought
, and
community pharmacy wants to help
The enormity of the drought is currently affecting over 65% of Queensland and much of NSW.
Farmers are the backbone of rural communities and we need to support our farming families to
help our rural communities survive. B
oth farmers and pharmacy are small businesses that have a
profound sense of community and provide vital goods, services and jobs to their regions.
need to make sure our farmers get the help they need to get through this drought.
pharmacies c
help farmers by either a cash donation or by raising awareness of the on

practical support
an organization called
Aussie Helpers
every day
our farmers in
drought stricken areas.
The Guild and community pharmacy are getting behin
d our Aussie farmers and calling on the
pharmacy community to
show support
by making a donation to Aussie Helpers
, which is a
registered charity
. The Pharmacy Guild
has made a pledge of $4000
The Guild’s National President, George Tambassis, said: “
As pharmacists gather on the Gol
Coast for the annual Australian Pharmacy Professional (APP) conference
encourage delegates
Guild members and the wider pharmacy industry to help our farming families by making a tax
deductible donation to Aussie Helpers.
Aussie Helpers have some 40 volunteers and mainly work via the ever faithful “Bush Telegraph”
to find farming families who are in desperate need of assistance eg. bale of hay, litre of diesel, kids
healthcare etc. Aussie Helpers work around three words “ca
re, share, respect” which simply means
that Aussie Helpers care about people in need and will share whatever assistance they have
available free of charge and will give the recipients the utmost respect and confidentiality. Aussie
Helpers raises its own fu
nding and is not aligned to any other charity or
religious association.
Aussie Helpers are all unpaid volunteers making a real difference to the lives of real people.
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