Pharmacsits In Health-Care – Opportunities To Diversity

The role of pharmacists in health care is facing increasing scrutiny as part of large-scale reforms currently occurring across the Australian health system. However, with these reforms come great opportunities to diversify, but we need to know how to make the most of them.

To give pharmacists an insight into the various reforms and the opportunities they present for pharmacy to assert its role in many aspects of health service delivery, PAC11 will present a special session on Pharmacists in health care – opportunities to diversify which will details opportunities in areas such as preventive health, primary health care and throughout the hospital sector.

Presented by Alison Roberts, the session will include examples of changes that have occurred in other countries around the world,
“Many of these changes have included an increasing involvement of pharmacy in aspects of health care that have largely been in the domains of other health professions,” Dr Roberts said.

“If pharmacy in Australia is to be successful in exploiting the opportunities on offer, the profession needs to adapt to and accept change, refine existing roles, and diversify, by taking on new roles.”


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