Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore 2

Pharmaceutical Society of Singapore (PSS)


The 101th Annual General Meeting for PSS was held. Mr Ng Cheng Tiang was reelected

the President to lead the 12-member Council and the Society for another 1

year term. The new composition of the 101st Council are:

˙President Mr. Ng Cheng Tiang

˙Vice President Ms. Fatimah MK

˙Hon. Secretary Dr. Andrea Kwa

˙Asst. Hon. Secretary Dr. Alexander Chan

˙Hon. Treasurer Dr. Camilla Wong (cum Imm. Past President)

˙Asst. Hon. Treasurer Mr. Andy Ng

˙Council Members:

Ms. Chow Wai Lin

Ms. Corrinne Tan

Dr. Lou Huei-Xin

Ms. Ruth Yuen

Ms. Wong Hai Hong

Mr. Zaini Bin Ibrahim

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