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Dear Members

Following the report of the incidents of Enforcement
Officers confiscating Olivenol from some pharmacies, the MPS had asked for a
meeting with the Enforcement Officers to clarify the issue.

It was quite thankful that they are having a conference in Sabah and a prompt
meeting was convened with the MPS President.  What was derived from the meeting
was reported accurately to members. We have subsequently written a letter to the
Head of the National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau requesting for update of any
change of status.  The outcome of the meeting is already reported in last week

Since then new developments have taken place and indeed it is a pleasure to
update members that the affected products remain to be classify as food. 
Assurance was given that all seized products will be returned and no charges
will brought to the affected community pharmacy.

It has also been reported to us that the owner and distributor of Olivenol
had reached an agreement with the Enforcement Department that “Olivenol plus”
capsules classification status as food is legally valid and remains in force. 
Pharmacies who displayed and sold Olivenol did not commit any offence under the
Sales of Drug Act. Their continued sales of Olivenol is also legal and not in
violation of any law

Thank you and continue to Enjoy Pharmacy
Datuk Nancy Ho