[Official Announcement]: 2014 WPPF FIP Congress Travel Grant


1. Scholarship Letter to Organisations

2. Scholarship Application Instructions 2014

3. FIP Travel Grant Application Form-2

WPPF FIP Congress Travel Grant


I write to invite you to submit nominees for the Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum / FIP Foundation Congress Travel Grant scholarships for 2014.


These Travel Grant scholarships are awarded to young pharmacists or those in the formative phase of their career, from developing countries, to enable them to attend the International Pharmacy Federation Congress in Bangkok, Thailand from 30 August to 4 Sept. 2014.


The objective of the award is to permit the recipients to travel outside his or her own country to gain an international view of pharmacy and to develop skills, knowledge and contacts that will support them making a contribution to pharmacy in their own country in coming years.


Successful candidates will be expected to submit a poster or paper at the Congress.


The Western Pacific Pharmaceutical Forum has been allotted two Travel Grant scholarships for 2014 and I invite you to put forward suitable names and supporting documentation by 31 January 2014.  The nomination should include the travel plan and a curriculum vitae of the nominee’s accomplishments.


It is not necessary for an organisation to be the nominating body.  Self-nomination is permitted and we would be grateful if you could publicise these scholarships widely in your publications and website.


I have included an outline of the requirements for nominations and a guide for completing the application form and would ask you to give consideration to this matter and forward nominations as soon as possible. Further information is available on the WPPF website at http://wppf.ggtime.net/wppforg


This is a wonderful opportunity for younger members of our profession to see the wider world of pharmacy and return home to make a contribution in your country. I urge you to act and put forward nominations.


If you need any advice or help, please do not hesitate to email me.


Kind regards.


Yours sincerely

John Jackson


[email protected]