Executive Director of Japan Pharmaceutical Association


After graduating the Tokyo College of Pharmacy in 1973, he began to work at the Community Pharmacy that has existed in front of the University of Tokyo Hospital. He has been working and managing his pharmacy, HOSEIDO, since 1981. He has been one pharmacist after he got his diploma for pharmacist.

He got place of the prestige of pharmacists association in the community he’d lived, and, after then, he worked as the Director, and the Executive Director of Tokyo Pharmaceutical Association. Now he is also the Executive Director of Japan Pharmaceutical Association. He is in charge of the international pharmacists affairs and the medical insurance.

His first opportunity that has relation ship on FIP happened in 1981, in Vienna. He read paper about computer systems in pharmacy. Since 1985, in Montreal, he has taken part in the Community Pharmacists Committee as the representative of the Japan Pharmaceutical Association.

Since 1991, as one of the members of the working group about GPP, he coped with making the Tokyo Declaration, and he has been a member of WGPP since 2001. In addition to that, he has joined FAPA every year since 1986, and he got the prize an Ishidate award (community pharmacy field) from FAPA in 2000 in Sydney.

His wife is a pharmacist and manages his pharmacy while he stayed away home. They have two sons and one daughter. Elder brother works at the Ministry Health, Labor and Welfare in Japan, and the younger got the pharmacist diploma and now studies pharmacy at the postgraduate school. His daughter is now a student at the college of pharmacy. As you can find, all his family luckily has opportunity to take an active part in the field of medical, health and sanitation.