New edition of Australia’s Everyday Guide to Pharmacy Practice – APF22

26 February 2012

The latest edition of Australia’s everyday guide to pharmacy practice, the Australian Pharmaceutical Formulary and handbook (APF22), is now available and provides an invaluable resource for pharmacists and pharmacy students.

The 22nd edition of (APF22) provides practical, current and evidence-based information which  can be used in the practice setting to quickly find information and guidance on many areas of pharmacy theory and practice, including:

  • identifying drug-related issues
  • making clinical judgments
  • counselling consumers on the safe and effective use of their medicines
  • preparing extemporaneous products or modified oral formulations

APF22 contains many new sections, including palliative care, opioid conversion and dose calculations in children.

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New edition of Australia’s Everyday Guide to Pharmacy Practice – APF22

The content incorporates theory and best practice, developed and rigorously reviewed by a range of expert contributors and an editorial board chaired by Emeritus Professor Lloyd Sansom.

“The APF has evolved in response to the constantly developing and expanding role of the pharmacist,” Emeritus Professor Sansom said.

“It has kept pace with the growing needs of pharmacists as they endeavour to fulfil their professional obligations in an ever-changing and evolving practice environment.